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Article by Janet Barrett April 19, 2016

Consciousness Squeezing Update / Making Lemonade

We contain within us many things. Consciousness technologies allow us to transforms those things not so great into a wonderful, joyous, tart and fresh new perspective about Life.

Consciousness is not heavy or work. It is about the interaction of the expansiveness of Being. You feel the sacred, the stillness, the life, the weightlessness of the All. What also is present can be the absolute sublime sense of joy of Being and also the physical release of laughter.  It is as easy as opening your inner eyes and senses and noticing what is around you.

What comes up when we gather to play are many elements. We are these wonderful mixes of complexity. Complexity is a whole lot of simple. Forces, paradoxes, compromises, thoughts, feelings and non conscious motivations, and awareness playing out in patterns of behavior in thought and feeling. We are all this and much more. We are our history, singular and collective. Individual, family, clan, tribe, community and geographical areas.

When we gather in group, in intention, to know ourselves as Consciousness as play, our inner worlds align with each other. We can feel each other in our patterns. We can notice for each other information that we are often blind to as we are in the patterns and not observing from the outside. Both positions work together and are needed.

It is important to be able to own your own experiences in useful ways. Otherwise you are a victim to your world, in your own world. When we can acknowledge who we are because of them we are in the power position. We can convert wound to gift and access the wisdom. Sometimes we can be aware and yet not be able to have a sense that we can make a change. Group can provide that. On one level that is why many will not choose to come. Because their inner control mechanisms about change are not encoded for flow but only for perceived threat. Get over yourself and let us shift that! Your sense of control can be different.

Last week offered so much rich expression of being alive for us here. Each of us is vital to the whole. Synchronicity is present. Once we speak of what has caught our attention we can start to see the patterns from the energies present in our individual stories affecting us collectively.

We started with a hammer toe. Which led to constriction. Which led to Wrong. The definition of Wrong that we each have held within was weighty and the realization that Wrong had nothing to do with Right. It had a lot to do with our sense of Love. Love combined with pain that comes in being with others we were holding deep. We make assumptions of connection. There is no connection between wrong or right in Consciousness, only in our human assumptions. All of this led to the two year old. The one that wanted nothing to do with rules and so in control. Her rage at being forced to conform and she wasn't and never would. She was betrayed and violated and she was justified. How to hold her in Grace and to find her own path of being out of her own inspiration and not manipulated self. 

Our other group was about the laughter, the ecstatic whirling dervish kind of laughter, It was coming out a state long suppressed and out of truth. We are that joyous. In hindsight it might be shocking. It came out of a willingness to know oneself and looking for new ways to let go of what was stuck. It was taking a warrior of life out of that role and becoming the many creatures of flight that were her truth. It was about reconciling what we were holding separate and buried under reason and responsibility.