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Article by Dr Louis Turi February 4, 2016

Looking For Love?

With the statistics pointing out to more than 75% of relationships ending up
with failure we will all have to experience refutation a few times during
the course of our life and one of the most difficult experiences to deal
with is indeed "rejection".

Rejection and How To Deal with It


With the statistics pointing out to more than 75% of relationships ending up 
with failure we will all have to experience refutation a few times during 
the course of our life and one of the most difficult experiences to deal 
with is indeed "rejection".

Rejection may come from many sources and some of those causes can be somehow 
ridiculous for some but extremely serious for others. Incidentally the most 
common reason for rejection is a feeling of inadequacy and a fear of failure 
from your partner. Regardless of the reason your significant other is 
dropping you is still devastating to the ego. The list is endless but let me 
mention a few reasons why you could be dropped.

A lack of communication
A lack of chemistry
A lack of mental support
A lack of sexual activity
A lack of understanding
A lack of good health
A lack of spirituality

One must remember that you can only perceive someone's view through your own 
senses, your own stars (UCI or Unique Celestial Identity) and most of all 
your education and experiences. Often friends and family members may not 
agree with your love choice. Here are more reasons for them to do so.


Note that your loved ones or close friends really believe what they preach 
and what they perceive as being good or bad for you. Most of the time they 
are only seeing their own world and subconsciously regurgitating their own 
inner fears on you. This is especially the case if the people are older and 
thinks they know better than you do. Often a hidden jealousy feeling can 
also support the fear of never finding love and if "I can't or may not find 
love then why should you before me?" In some case fear and insecurity steers 
the behavior of a sibling for not supporting your relationship and risk a 
form of humiliation. For instance I am older than you are thus I should 
marry before you. Or insecurity such as; I can't let you spend too much time 
with your lover he can't have you that much. The phobic reason for 
motivating someone to go a specific way is usually well hidden in his or her 
own subconscious. Your "benefactor" is totally unaware of the behind the 
scene stimulus but will be legitimacy concerned for your welfare. In most of 
the cases under the constant pressure and the need to please others, the new 
"Psyche" predominate and lead to the decision-making.

But be sure because you have been dropped doesn't mean your partner is 
having a good time doing so. The question is that he/she now has to deal 
with GUILT.Especially if you did not do anything wrong to them and behaved 
intelligently and lovingly all along the duration of your relationship.

Often one of the partner will chose to lie to avoid hurting the person's 
feelings directly. A forced separation or meeting/dealing with a nice new 
person brings a myriad of new feelings and put the weak relationship in 
jeopardy. I know for sure any woman is set naturally to love and respect her 
lover almost immediately and only under specific circumstances would a woman 
decide to break up her relationships.

Be sure that many questions arise to the mind of your lover before making 
the decision to let you go. Very often sleepless night, confusion tears and 
a good dose of guilt is present.
It feels like being caught in a sandwich wondering who has to be hurt. What's 
your priority you may ask yourself? Well shall I make all those people that 
care so much for me happy? If I do so they wont harass me no more as I have 
to live with them.

And what about my lover now? How do I tell him/her that it's over? He/she 
never done anything wrong but logically speaking I must do the right thing. 
It's simply a nightmare for both party and regardless of the reasons it's 
going to hurt both of you severely. In my crazy life I have been on both 
side of the scale and each time the profound wounds took months to heal. 
Because humans are machine of habits, t he longer you stay in a relationship 
the harder the break.

I firmly believe women should be treated with love and respect no matter 
what and I absolutely disprove of any form of chauvinistic brutal attitude 
regardless of the motivation. I know from experience that there is only a 
fine red line with any women and once a man crosses this line there is 
absolutely NO return for the abuser. In the name of love or security a woman 
can take a tremendous amount of abuse and stay in a harmful relationships 
for a very long period of time. Only when she has exhausted all her options 
will she finally free herself from the damaging relationship. This is a 
valuable argument and "dropping" her partner is a must.

However the situation changes if you are the good guy and feel victimized or 
thinks of it as a deplorable injustice done to you. Well once you collect 
yourself from the shock a myriad of emotions and thoughts will have to be 
dealt with.

If you are a bad person simply "cry about it" and learn your lesson to treat 
your lover properly, and you simply deserve what happened to you. Grow up, 
behave decently, stop drinking or doing drugs, realize your mistakes, be 
responsible, work harder and understand that women are not toys but living 
feeling respectable souls. Some bullies wont take NO for an answer and will 
make some unlucky women's lives miserable with threats or long messages 
begging for forgiveness. In some extreme case the police will be the only 
option to stop the nightmare.

If you think you are a "victim" then lets start the healing process.

You will be in denial for a while and refuse the all the facts.
You will wonder why you have been dropped and your ego will be badly 
You will have many mixed emotions and in some case become very resentful.
You will "review" the movie many times wondering what went wrong.
You will hate all the people you may think are responsible for the break up.
You will probably cry heavily and feel very sad and at time totally empty.
In some case you will need spiritual help as to regenerate your wounded 
spirit but in no case addict yourself to antidepressants. (Read "SOS to the 
world" and realize the power of Neptune from my home page).

What to do and NOT to do:

Realize that your future is the reincarnation of your thoughts, thus the 
faster you changes your thought process the easier for the healing process 
to take place. Like a bad cigarette smoking habit that kills you, remove the 
mental poison from your body, mind and spirit as soon as possible.

If he or she makes a request for you NOT to call simply DO NOT. Respect 
their demand and be a better, stronger person. He or she will soon realize 
your emotional depth and how much you mean business in all you do including 
your love. Keep in mind that it is easier to win the lottery than to find 
genuine love. In the constant search for love the people that have hurt you 
will ALWAYS remember they were once truly loved and this will be in itself a 
for ever reminder of the good thing they had and thrown away.

Avoid places where you went, as your subconscious will trig you into painful 
memory by association. Let me explain, if the person drives a specific car 
you will immediately associate the car with the person and your 
heartbreaking experience and feel real bad. So don't put yourself in a 
situation where you could do damage to your psyche. Avoid listening to sad 
soft music. Change rhythm he or she asked you to move on, do so. Like you 
they are also having a bad time; don't think you are the only one with 

Avoid drinking at all cost and avoid complaining to others. However find a 
way to "relieve" yourself and regenerate. Get busy, go out, meet new friends 
they will bring about your wishes be sure of that.

You are dying and rebirth into a new person thus REMOVE ALL that could 
remind you of that person. He/she MUST become a stranger to your life again; 
Undo the damage inflicted upon your body, mind and spirit, no one will help 
you really but you. You are in charge and demand the Universe to bring you 
someone who will appreciate your priceless love and your gifts. I know it's 
hard to do at the early stages of a break but your happiness depend on your 
thoughts and actions.

Put all the pictures, presents, letters etc. in a box and then trash or put 
them away. NEVER ever ask for the presents you gave him/her and DO NOT TAKE 
anything away. Doing so gives away your inner fears of being manipulated or 
insecurity. Trust me in time this person will become the individual she/he 
was the night before you guys met. Now if any of the person keeps it all 
there are still some deep feelings that must be dealt with and time is the 

Do not nurture feelings of insecurity; resentments and revenge instead, 
rebuild your self-esteem. Exercise harder, become more magnetic, educate 
yourself more, be more competitive, take a chance, go out more, travel and 
do all it takes to upgrade to a new, a better you. Any break up has always 
stimulated me to become much more and much better than I already am. This is 
why I always found better because I know who I am and what I have to offer 
and that is the BEST to that lucky girl.

Like me, YOU are priceless and a beautiful human being and this person came 
into your life for a specific purpose. If you have to recall anything simply 
be thankful for all the great time you had. This individual made you feel 
alive, wanted and so special in so many ways and guess what? You are. How 
can you attract a new lover if you hate yourself? How can you ask for 
happiness if you are not happy, secure and safe within? A magnet will not 
attract a piece of wood, you MUST upgrade your vibrations, love yourself 
more and bring your vitality and magnetism to a much higher level. The right 
person for you is around the corner.

Well remember that life is a process of changes and what happened is nothing 
else than a wish in disguise. He or she could NOT bring you what you really 
needed and truly wanted so the Universal order made that decision for you, 
so take it, deal with it and be strong.

You may want someone more attractive, more spiritual, older, younger, 
smarted, wealthier or simply dedicated to you but most of all someone that 
can recognize and appreciate the real you and your true love. This person 
did not see that in you or could not appreciate it so why wasting it? This 
world is loaded with great people make yourself available to them NOW.

What you have to offer is priceless and that is YOU, a beautiful, 
invaluable, unique human being destined to do miracles, enjoy true love and 
respects all other human beings. You would never hurt anyone and you MUST 
only and truly offer YOU, your body, mind and spirit for that special person 
only. Guess what you may also be looking for your true soul mate and for 
sure she/he was not the one. But be happy because now you are free and can 
aim for that special person and reward him/her with the deepest, strongest 
and purest form of love a human being is able to offer another.

Be at peace with yourself, be happy with yourself and trust your future 
mostly because the universe knows better than you do and will always take 
care of you. Lastly believe like I do and don't doubt that you can only find 
much better and in my case, it has proven to be right each time.

Regardless of the reason involving a break up in the majority of cases both 
partners somehow do suffer both emotionally and financially. If you are in a 
situation that could produce such an end a comparison chart will shed light 
on the strengths and weaknesses involving any and all relationships. If you 
are a victim then order a 90 MN Soul Cleansing tape (I will also give you a 
free 90 MN hypnotherapy tape) and let me recharge your batteries.

If you are looking for true love, here is a poem I wrote for you. Memorize 
it and let the magical wonder of the Universe bless you with your wish. It's 
called "I will love you for eternity"

In the ocean of existence my wounded heart is reaching for your magic.
A tear of shade blinds my aspiration but just for the blink of an eye.
I know soon your loving heart and wise soul to be before me.
There is only but you, one bright star in the vastness of the universe.

We are offering our listening audience the option to find love, or save your love relationship in my next show, all you have to do is to call and give me your, and your partner DOB's. 

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi