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Ace Your 220-901 Exam with Exam Dumps and Become CompTIA A+ Certified Easily!

Ace Your 220-901 Exam with Exam Dumps and Become CompTIA A Certified Easily!

This global networking corporation offers a range of certifications aimed at various sectors in the field of IT. Their four main certificationsâ categories are Cybersecurity, Core, Infrastructure, and Additional Professional.

General Overview

IT is one of the fields in which you can see new developments at hand and new mitigation techniques discovered almost every day. You have to work hard and constantly gain new skills if you want to reach a top position in this field because even if you are a professional in what you do, you cannot retain that status if you can’t keep up with the changes and enhance your skills. So, what is the solution?

The answer to that is getting certified. But not just with any credential. It has to be one accepted worldwide and that is up to date, like certifications offered by CompTIA.

This global networking corporation offers a range of certifications aimed at various sectors in the field of IT. Their four main certifications’ categories are Cybersecurity, Core, Infrastructure, and Additional Professional.

This article will give you an insight into the core technologies’ CompTIA A+ certification and 220-901 exam.


CompTIA A+ Certification

By following the path towards the CompTIA A+ badge, you will:

  • validate the skills and knowledge in proving basic security skills for IT support specialists, know how to configure various systems in device operating and administer client or cloud-based software;
  • manage and solve problems using the best methods for, change management, scripting, and documentation;
  • assist in basic networking and infrastructure;
  • support and configure hardware devices;
  • implement methods to backup and recover data and use appropriate data storage and management techniques

To earn this certification, you are required to pass two compulsory exams which are 220-901 and 220-902 exams, with the alternative of passing advanced core tests 220-1001 and 220-1002.

Still, this article is focused on 220-902 test, so, let’s find out more about this stepping stone towards A+ certification.


CompTIA A+ 220-901 Exam

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the assessments required to earn the CompTIA A+ certification.

The topics you will be tested on at 220-901 exam are:

  • Hardware (34%)
  • Networking (21%)
  • Mobile devices (17%)
  • Hardware and network troubleshooting (28%)

As for the exam details, 220-901 consists of 90 multiple-choice, drag and drop, and performance-based questions to be answered within 90 minutes. Making the certification more globally accessible, the exam is available in the English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Spanish (Modern), Simplified Chinese and Thai languages. The passing score is 675 on a scale of 100-900.

After taking it, you’ll have to pass 220-902. This order is strictly fixed and can’t be changed.


How to Become CompTIA A+ Certified?

There are four simple steps to follow if you want to get yourself the CompTIA A+ certification:

  1. Select the Certification You Want

CompTIA offers a wide range of certifications. Picking one randomly will do you no good. Professional candidates need to choose one that compliments best their specialty objectives. In this case, it would be the A+ certification.

  1. Find out the Details

Examine what the certification exactly entails, its whole content and the tasks you need to do in order to earn it. Check if you need to gain the prerequisites before sitting for the exam.

  1. Prepare for the Exam

You are advised to use the resources made available through guide books, video tutorials on YouTube or Amazon, as well as on Examsnap. This proven training provider holds one of the leading worldwide positions in supporting students and experienced professionals with vetted practice tests, authorized training, and premium 3-in-1 exam bundles, as well as the authentic VCE Player. With this carefully developed software, you’ll get comprehensively prepared for 220-901 test and boost your confidence at the assessment!

  1. Register and Sit for the Exam

You can register for the exam at Pearson VUE by creating a testing account on the website. By passing the required exams you can easily earn yourself the CompTIA A+ certification.


Why CompTIA A+?

You may wonder why to choose the CompTIA A+ certification and here’s why:

  • It Makes You Stand Out

Having CompTIA A+ certification creates a very good impression of you as of a pro. Moreover, they are vendor-neutral. Nowadays you can find many people having basic qualifications. So, employers tend to look for candidates striking higher than just the baseline credentials. Why waiting to become a certified pro and, thus, make yourself a more preferable candidate among the rest?

  • Empowers You with New Expertise

If you don't already have the software and networking, operating systems, and troubleshooting hardware skills you can obtain them by going through the CompTIA A+ certification path.

  • Access to Various Job Opportunities

Unlike an experienced person without a certificate, you will gain access to many jobs listing CompTIA A+ as a mandatory requirement.

  • Higher Salary

Having extra skills makes you a valuable asset to any organization which is a good reason for employers to recruit you with an increased salary.

  • Eligible for Promotions

What if you expand your skills? That will make you suitable for a job that requires more skills than your current position. Thus, it will make you eligible for a promotion so that your employers can reap the best out of you.

  • Personal Satisfaction

The CompTIA certification makes you competent enough to do things on your own rather than seeking professional aid for minor problems.


It is hard to survive in the field of networking if you are not up for change because IT is one of the most dynamic fields to be working in. You constantly have to prove your value. And the best way to do it is earning yourself the CompTIA A+ certification by passing the required certification exams. Taking 220-901 test will make you one step closer to your A+ credential and the benefits it brings with it.

With all the competent resources available at Examsnap, it is not a strenuous task anymore. So start now, train yourself qualitatively, get certified and reap the benefits of this valuable badge!