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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 22 April 2021

Talk Show airing on BBS STATION 1

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"CONNECT THE DOTS" is a call in radio talk show, where I share my knowledge of the metaphysical, plus ongoing conspiracies, plus the evolution of planet earth - spiritual info - et involvement - politics - crystals - etc.

I am also the only singer-songwriter, recording artist to ever run for President of the U.S. (also a 2016 & 2020 write-in candidate).

Yes, I am a 2024 non-political US Presidential candidate! Visit my cell phone friendly site ( and watch the 1.5 minute videos especially the "political humor" and "taking care of everyone".

My ethics: the integrity of my focus for being the next President of the United States is in complete agreement with what is written in MARK 9:35

I am the author of Connect The Dots Theory, one of the most mind enlightening books, specifically designed to educate the general public about our multi-dimensional reality. Google it, and read the first 40 pages free. Available at GooglePlay, iTunes, Barnes, and Nobles, etc.

This show will be an opportunity for concerned people to gather and connect!

If you wish to contact me or purchase other products, please respond by mailing me a letter or money order for my products, to the following the address:

1324 Forest Ave, Suite 262
Staten Island, NY, 10302

You can also DM me at Twitter @tomedisonprez

Weekly Show - BBS Station 1 - Sunday 12:00 am - 12:55 am

Talk Show airing on BBS STATION 2

Some shows are audio only
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Tune in now to this fabulous program, a program with your hosts Tara & Rama, and friends. Explore the truth with an open mind, and be more than you are for having one and giving many! To listen to this program on their regular conference dial 605-313-5166 listener code 353863#

Topics: The True History of Our Galactic World and The Birth of NESARA; Universal Spiritual Economic. We will discuss the intricate details of World History, Earth's Destiny, The Galactics and The Truth about NESARA. We will discuss Hard News, Holographic Universe, and current events.

Weekly Show - BBS Station 2 - Saturday 3:30 pm - 8:55 pm

Live, original, powerful, engaging, life changing talk show programs!

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Fabian Jack
Music Playing on BBS Radio

New Music By : Douglas Newsom - November 22, 2020 Fabian Jack are a feisty 5-piece Rock band from London, UK. Their enthusiasm spills from the stage, with powerful hook-laden, chorus-led rock-pop, sprinkled with Disco, Dub & Post-punk Dance dust

Ali Gilbert
Music Playing on BBS Radio

New Music By : Douglas Newsom - November 22, 2020 Ali Gilbert SingerRapper/Songwriter from Tamworth England started at the age of 18 writing his own material and has since gone on to release two EP's and performed at local venues around the West Midlands.

Airport Impressions
Music Playing on BBS Radio

New Music By : Douglas Newsom - November 22, 2020 Airport Impressions are a 4-piece band formed in 2008 and without a doubt one of the most successful acts to emerge from Malta (Europe)

Angels, Angels, Angels!
Upcoming Show Topics

Angels, Angels, Angels! is the new book just published by David Christopher Lewis of HeartsCenter.…

Mary Leonard
Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - The Sports Doctor Guest, Mary Leonard, November 25, 2020, President of NY’s US Athletic Training Center

Rich Procida
Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - Spiritual Emergency Training Guest, Rich Procida, November 21, 2020, Author, Attorney

Linzi Levinson, Masterful Coach
Upcoming Show Topics

Linzi Levinson Masterful Coach, extraordinaire is my guest! Navigating COVID fatigue. How to date…

Randy B. Corporon PC
Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - Chuck and Julie Show Guest, Randy B. Corporon PC, November 20, 2020, President at Law Offices of Randy B. Corporon PC

Peter Boyles
Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - Chuck and Julie Show Guest, Peter Boyles, November 20, 2020, Talk Show host

The Chuck & Julie Show with Chuck and Julie
Upcoming Show Topics

To concede or not to concede… 710 KNUS talk show host Peter Boyles debates the President’s options…

Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - Cosmic LOVE Guest, David C Lewis, November 21, 2020, Author, speaker, angel messenger

Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - LetterZ From the Pen Guest, G Fields, December 4, 2020, Saxophonist

Joanne DiMaggio
Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - Dare To Dream Guest, JOANNE DIMAGGIO, November 19, 2020, Internationally recognized Researcher, Teacher, Author, and Past-Life Therapist.

Linda Schurman
Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - Know the Name Know the Answers Guest, Linda Schurman, November 19, 2020, Professional Astrologer and Author

Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - Interviewing The Legends Guest, Kenny Laguna, January 12, 2021, Longtime Record Producer-Songwriter-Musician for Rock Hall of Famer Joan Jett

Daniel Stein
Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - The Sports Doctor Guest, Daniel Stein, November 18, 2020, Physical therapy specializing in working with people with physical disabilities

Dr Christopher Ahmad
Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - The Sports Doctor Guest, Dr Christopher Ahmad, November 18, 2020, Team Physician for the New York Yankees, Author & Professor of Clinical Orthopedics at Columbia Univ

John Conlin
Highlight Upcoming Guest

Coming up on - Chuck and Julie Show Guest, John Conlin, November 18, 2020, Expert in organizational design and change

Chuck and Julie Show
Upcoming Show Topics

Guest, John Conlin Unelected Colorado bureaucrats strike another blow against local businesses and…

Paradigm Shifters
Upcoming Show Topics

This week on Paradigm Shifters:   Paradigm Shifters brings you John Burgos, with his delightfully…

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