Melinda Rodriguez and Mandi Nowitz

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Melinda Rodriguez and Mandi Nowitz
Melinda Rodriguez and Mandi Nowitz
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Melinda V. Rodriguez was born and raised in New York City. Throughout my childhood I was active In sports, music, acting and dance. 1995 I moved to Reading Pennsylvania where I met and married my childhood sweetheart and we had three beautiful children.  2000 we moved to Florida, where I went to school to better myself and became a licensed practical nurse.  2011 we decided to move back to Reading Pennsylvania to be closer to family.  2016 I decided to go with my passion which is helping people achieve their dreams and spread a positive message through music and established twin flame records, an Independent Record label.  My goal is to spread positivity, inspiration and motivation to people that have talent and the drive to be a music artist. In 2017 I decided to start a modeling company to help my music label and grew the birth of the Blazing Angels. Through the passion that I have, I strive to be one of the top 10 modeling companies in the country and have my artist music played on the radio.  


Mandi Nowitz comes to The Bad Date Show as a guest co-host, Editorial Producer and Social Media Maven. She has been a freelance writer and editor since 2010, having received her masters in Communications. She’s was in entertainment journalism for 5.5 years, working for the now-defunct Have U Heard while continuing to ghostwrite and spending time as a technological writer. She has extensive social media management and editorial production experience, always looking for the next stimulating creative experience. Her passions, aside from writing, include music, Disney, animals, shopping and summer! 

The Bad Date Show

The Bad Date Show with Meagan Gillett
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Meagan Gillett

WARNING: ADULTS ONLY!!  This show contains adult material and is not suitable for younger audiences.

Bad Dates! Everybody has suffered through one, or in some cases, many. The only good thing that comes from a bad date is the story you get to tell your friends after! And who doesn’t like to hear a juicy bad date story? The Bad Date Show offers an endless well of anecdotes about dates gone wrong! We’re talking embarrassing moments, exes, disastrous first kisses, awkward sexual encounters, breakups, cheapskates, cheaters, and surprise bizarre fetishes, just to name a few. But don’t worry, there’s hope! We have our own arsenal of stylists, celebrities, personal trainers, sex therapists, and self-help gurus to help you navigate through this crazy dating jungle while weeding out the crazy. Join Meagan, the zany, humorous, and occasionally irreverent host of “The Bad Date Show” as she regales you with her own tales of dating blunders, and lends an ear to yours.