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The Neoliberal Driven War on Public Education On Trial: Part 5

Please join internet radio host James Avington Miller Jr. for the fifth show in our series about the neoliberal driven war on public education. Don't miss this show as Dr. Miller will be putting these anti-education, anti-humanity agendas on TRIAL!

The show will start where we left off last week - examining how the Machiavellian Agenda against education is likened to Machiavelli meeting Sun Tzu on the battlefield of public education. Dr. Miller will finish exposing the principles of Machiavelli and Sun Tzu that are being used and how this evil agenda is causing the destruction of public education and the rise of THE PRIVATIZATION OF EDUCATION IN AMERICA.

Dr. Miller will then assess what the neoliberals have and have not achieved - what they have won - where they have their victories - where they have their weaknesses. Then he will assess what the resistance to reforms has unleashed with its own Trojan horse agendas. On trial will be the neoliberal reformers as well as and those that have risen up in resistance.

Hear the evidence and decide if the agendas currently destroying education are crimes against humanity.

Please join us Sunday as Dr. Miller dissects and discloses the neoliberals and exposes another level of THE MACHIAVELLIAN AGENDA.

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On Sunday, please click on the website below to listen live: