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Veronica Entwislte : Intuitive Energy Counselor
Veronica Entwistle : Intuitive Energy Counselor

This week on Paradigm Shifters:

Meet Matthew Griffin with His book is: STEPS ASCENDING: The Rise of the UNARMED FORCES

Paradigm Shifters Matthew Griffi at one point serving in the US Military in Afghanistan and who started a business with and for the Afghanies.   You know, to leave it better than he found it.  Matthew, coming from his long military history, saw the repeat patterns of "saving" areas through war, but then when leaving it, leaving it to the devastation and invitation to guerrilla forces, to brutally maraud the area.  This time is Afghanistan!   Griff took a different leap to create "Business Not Bullets"   an Entreprenurial life for Afghanistan where decades of wars, ignorance and poverty pulsed through the area.  Matthew’s “Business not Bullets” became a magical business network to generate businesses run by the locals, developed with the wit and wisdom of the people.  "Griff" as he is known, created - which is still providing markets with products like flip flops, and other pieces of attire which are being developed piece by piece, marketed online and operated by Afghanistan citizens, to recharge the economies of these communities. 

HIs book is STEPS ASCENDING.  RISE OF THE UNARMEDS FORCES - a feisty look at creating a marketplace in Afghanistan.  It still flourishes!  You may decide to shop there!   Check out   

Thanks Matthew Griffin and company 

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Special Guest Matthew Griffin

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A Message from Veronica --

Hi Everyone,

As the world boils up new craziness, we wonder how and when it will settle down, or will it?  In new dimensions? So many people are finding ways to turn difficulties into products that are useful and add to the needs of the world.   From flip flops to cars that reduce the amount of oil needed to keep us moving, to fabrics out of recycle, to learning any language you choose from one program, or programs that can translate language instantaneously.       

This interview is from last year were inspired soldiers in Afghanistan, besides conducting war. 

The Fascinating book, STEPS ASCENDING, tells how US soldiers and Afghanies designed flip flops of a very strong material that would last, created a profitable abundant market that unfurled into a series of products.  

Isn't it great what incredible pressure to help can inspire?  Maybe you have creative ideas or ideals you want to share.   Write them to


Thank you.  Cuz we are all in this together.

Much love



Veronica Entwistle is an intuitive energy counselor whose guides take her into a deep and loving exploration of the inner conscious, the universe, and the realms beyond. She is known for her wit, love and compassion, and ability to unhook realities from limiting patterns.

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