Self Help

Guest, Dr Jamie Turndorf

Guest Occupation: 
psychologist, writer, speaker

Life Changes Show, February 16, 2015

Life Changes with Filippo with Filippo Voltaggio and Mark Laisure

“Look Ma, No Chemicals,” with Guest Dennis P. Calvert and Musical Guest Mark Gasbarro on LIFE CHANGES

Conscious Conversations, February 18, 2015

Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk about Sexuality, Gender and Consciousness. There are no rights no wrongs in Consciousness, only distinctions. The old definitions of sexuality and gender are collapsing as we collectively evolve to a higher level. Individuals are questioning their identities as they expand beyond past limitations.

Guest, Lauren Weiss

Guest Occupation: 
Trance Medium and Book Author

The Good News, February 15, 2015

The Good News with Reverend Joseph Caesar


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