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A Fireside Chat with Lance White

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Lance White, aka Zany Mystic

The focus of these inter-connected shows spanning 8 plus years is the practical and metaphysical application of ancient wisdom and future technologies. 

The shift into 'new dimensions' is instant and already is... visionaries have paved 'the way'. Let's unite as a unified quantum field of Consciousness, Light and profound Joy. 

Change the world within, sitting cozy, warm and loved with: A Fireside Chat with the Zany Mystic!

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HOST PROFILE PAGE - Lance White, aka Zany Mystic

ance White - Zany Mystic, Talk Show Host, Psychic Healer, Author, Speaker, Question Triggered Channel, Meditator, Personal Empowerment Facilitator
Lance White, aka Zany Mystic Websites: Main Website - Facebook - YouTube
Talk Show Host, Psychic Healer, Author, Speaker, Question Triggered Channel, Meditator, Personal Empowerment Facilitator

Lance B. White, famed & gifted psychic healer, author, and exceptionally adept practitioner of question triggered channeling, L.B. White is Zany Mystic.

Born in Santa Barbara, California in 1950. In 1983 I was told that I had contracted HIV. My journey has taken me to the depths and heights which is ultimately part of a spiritual journey. For over 29 years I have miraculously transformed the experience of living with HIV and AIDS on a Positive note! In 2007, I wrote an irreverent account of my journey called Tales of a Zany Mystic, offered at Amazon Books. One year prior, I was asked if I wanted to do a weekly radio show. This marked the birth of a weekly internet radio show on BBS Radio: A Fireside Chat With Zany Mystic

BOOK Information - "A page turner!"


This autobiographical tale chronicles the author's life, having "chosen" to be born to two gay alcoholic parents. Following their lead, the author struggles throughout his lifetime with being gay, severe alcoholism, drug abuse, and HIV/AIDS. It's a spiritual odyssey, which includes an insider's look into an esoteric school studying the ideas of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky. Later, his meteoric rise as a drug dealer in San Francisco, California to the gay "party and play" (PNP) scene culminates with a warning from a living angel. After two arrests, encounters with other angels and many mystical experiences, the author transcends his lifelong battles, including AIDS.

He speaks with eloquence of the coming shift in consciousness which coincides with the Mayan calendar's end date of December 21, 2012. Living with AIDS, this long term survivor now devotes his life to spirituality, writing and broadcasting his radio show, A Fireside Chat With Zany Mystic. For those with issues about HIV/AIDS, being gay, addictions, or desiring to advance spiritually, this book has it all. A heartwarming personal triumph which offers humor, wit and style; a fascinating story, but more than that, a "ray of hope".

During the 1970's, I did Werner Erhard's EST training, their Six Day Experience, the Advocate Experience, Vipassana meditation training.  Prior, I was in an esoteric school studying Gurdjieff and Ouspensky.  I chose to leave, upon discovering that the teaching had turned into a cult.  My closest friends were the first two students to join the "Fellowship of Friends" run by Robert Burton, and we worked on many projects relating to spirituality over the years.

For the past 8 years, I've done pro bono healing with an international group of professional healers.  We do remote healing, for those in need.

The right amount of Extra Information....


If you've enjoyed my free radio shows here at BBS Radio for the last 8 years, you can now see me on video! I did a series of 20 video interviews with Andrew Bartzis, who read live from the Akashic Records. He wanted to document our Galactic History, and I had the forsight to transcribe all 20. I wrote a 21st, which is a Commentary and some background information by me. You can view all 20 videos freely, on my NEW website, here:


For those who would like to read or study the material, you can support my ongoing work here at BBS and in the world by downloading the PDF transcripts. There are several options and a small download fee. It's a win-win. Enjoy!

Lance White
Zany Mystic



Headlined Guest, Rebecca Hardcastle, on A Fireside Chat with Lance White, on October 25, 2014

Broadcasting Date: 
Saturday, October 25, 2014 07:00 pm

Headlined Guest, Rebecca Hardcastle

Guest Name: 
Rebecca Hardcastle
Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle, Hypnotherapist, Tranformational Life Coach, Doctorate in Parapsychic Sciences, Philosophical Theologian, Researcher, Writer, Lecturer and Educator
Guest Occupation: 
Hypnotherapist, Tranformational Life Coach, Doctorate in Parapsychic Sciences, Philosophical Theologian, Researcher, Writer, Lecturer, Educator
Guest Biography: 

BIO FROM: http://www.rebeccahardcastle.com/AboutDrHardcastle.php

LIFE events led Dr. Hardcastle to discover the power of hypnosis. Shortly after the birth of her second child, she suffered the death of her beloved step-son. While her family grieved their loss, her husband had a major career transition and his father died. In an attempt to manage and relieve her grief, stress and anxiety she explored alternative therapies, but found no solace.

All along the answer was in the office next door. Working as an ecumenical chaplain at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, Dr. Hardcastle teamed with a Roman Catholic priest who was studying hypnosis as part of a masters program. The priest loaned her his textbook and she began a dedicated discipline of self-hypnosis. Gradually she located and strengthened the still-point of peace, harmony, and happiness within.

Over 20 years later, through numerous major life transitions, she continues to practice hypnosis and is amazed by the power of the mind and spirit to promote health, wellness and personal growth.

Dr. Hardcastle is a certified hypnotherapist and transformational life coach. She has a doctorate in Parapsychic Sciences and a Master of Divinity in Philosophical Theology. She is ordained in the United Methodist denomination. Committed to deepening her spirituality, Dr. Hardcastle practices Tibetan Buddhist Yoga, Reiki healing and meditation.

Through her education, training and self-disciplines, she refined her professional expertise in consciousness. In addition to her private practice of hypnotherapy and coaching, Dr. Hardcastle is a researcher, writer, lecturer and educator in the emerging field of consciousness studies. She is the originator of the concept of Exoconsciousness and is dedicated to exploring the multiple dimensions of consciousness that link us to one another, earth, cosmos and creator.

"Human consciousness is our most precious natural resource."
--- Dr. Hardcastle

Headlined Guest, Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, on A Fireside Chat with Lance White, on October 25, 2014

Broadcasting Date: 
Saturday, October 25, 2014 07:00 pm

Headlined Guest, Rebecca Hardcastle Wright

Guest Name: 
Rebecca Hardcastle Wright
Rebecca Hardcastle Wright
Guest Occupation: 
Global Specialist in Exoconsciousness, Author, Hypnotherapist, Research Scientist, Psychic Research
Guest Biography: 


Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD, is a global specialist in Exoconsciousness. She originated the concept of Exoconsciousness to define the extraterrestrial origins, dimensions and abilities of human consciousness. Her work is informed by leading-edge research in consciousness, ufology, cosmology, and quantum science as it pertains to the evolving role of humans relating to our cosmos as extraterrestrial beings.

Wright’s bookExoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mindpublished in 2008details exoconsciousness through metaphysics, religion, frontier science and ancient knowledge. Wright is dedicated to the advancement of human-extraterrestrial consciousness to accelerate our transition into an evolved space-faring race.

Dedicated to assisting experiencers with healing, empowering and integrating their relationship with the extraterrestrial presence in their personal and public life, Wright continues the legacy of John Mack. Wright was trained as an experiencer therapist by Dr. Ruth Hover, who was a colleague of Dr. Leo Sprinkle and  Dr. John Mack. Hover participated in Harvard University’s “Program for Extraordinary Research (PEER)” founded by Mack for the exploration of “Anomalous Trauma”.  Hover led what is perhaps the longest running experiencer group in the nation.

Specializing in transformation, self-empowerment, trauma recovery and emotional healing, Wright maintains a practice in Exoconscious Coaching and Holistic Hypnotherapy in Washington, DC. She was on the clinical staff of Mind Body Medicine Center, Ron Peters, MD, in Scottsdale, AZ.

Wright was Washington, DC representative for Quantrek, founded by scientist and Apollo 14 astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell. As a research organization and international team of scientists combining science and spirituality with quantum physics and cosmology, Quantrek is dedicated to the research and applications of quantum hologram and zero point energy.

With Dr. Suzanne Mendelssohn, founder, and Terri Mansfield, and Wright was a partner in Fundraising in the Public Interest, a firm involved in  international billionaire fundraising for social change and creation of a new era of zero point energy.

An ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church, Wright served as an inter-faith university chaplain at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. Within the United Methodist denomination she was a representative on national boards and general agencies. She has a Masters of Divinity from Boston University School of Theology and doctorate in Parapsychic Science from American Institute of Holistic Theology.

In 2005, Wright taught one of the first ufology courses in the nation, Extraterrestrial Reality, at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona. She was also on the faculty of Exopolitics Institute and International Metaphysical University. In 2008, Wright presented Exoconsciousness and Psychopathology at the American Philosophical Association, Karl Jaspers Society, published in the Existenz: An International Journal of Philosophy Religion Politics and the Arts.

Blog: http://rebeccahardcastlewright.com/


Email: rhardcastlewright@gmail.com

Exoconsciousness - Your 21st Century Mind