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THANK YOU, Doug, for your patience with my inquiry ... truly appreciated.
And THANK YOU BBS for a most generous policy change.
Joyous Regards

"I can't say in words how wonderful that makes me feel to know that I have the support of yourself and the staff of BBS Radio. I think all of you are awesome and I look for many more of these days. Your support made this show happened tonight. I say this because you were absolutely there walking me through everything and not one time did you allow me to feel discomfort. I truly believe that I would have never done this show if it was not for your support. I am grateful to be apart of the BBS Radio family. I have no reason to go else where because BBS Rocks. Thank you for the wonderful recording of introduction. I loved it. It was so amazing. Thank you also for just believing in me."

"Thank you and Doug for your kind hospitality in patiently answering my questions today. You both were so pleasant to speak with. And I learned a lot. It really rung a bell with me when you and he emphasized that you do everything for the budding host. Thus, all I have to do is 'show up,' and, as Doug said,  perform good radio."

"I reviewed the sample profile you sent, Debrah. It looks very professional. You and Doug and your website impress as top-notch."

Hey - love your show. Love the stories you all tell and the music reminds me of my old neighborood piano bar thats not around anymore sadly. Anyway, just wanted to compliment you on your playing and all the terrific songs you do - never had heard "Spring can really hang you up" - I liked it and "Slow boat to China" .

I want to thank you so much for your “Valentine” special this past week. I listened to your show this weekend from the BBS archive and it was great! It was so enjoyable to hear your playing and your wife Janis has a great voice alone or with harmonies with you. I especially enjoyed your rendition of “Days of Wine & Roses”. Until I heard you recite the poem  I always thought the song was written for the film. Once again thank you so much for your weekly show - I look forward to it!

that was a beautiful poem Dr. Love - there are tears in my eyes as I hear you speak it...


I have been listening to your show on BBS radio and just wanted to send you a quick note to say how much I enjoyed hearing your poetry.

Thank you so much for the touching story before you shared the poem Hunger. More especially is the poem itself. As a widower myself I was deeply touched by the poem.

Once again, thanks.


to Steve and Janis,

You guys are so great - I missed your show on Valentine's Day but I caught it tonight, Saturday, Feb. 15!  I made a nice pasta dinner, lit a fire in the fireplace, poured myself a glass of wine and sat down to listen to your show Golden Memories - and what a treat that was!!!! Steve, thank you for playing my request, The Shadow of your Smile - and especially for playing the intro written for that song - gave me goosebumps - as you never hear that beginning - thank you!!!!

And your reportoire is excellent for love songs! Both of you together bring a warmth and sincerity to your show every week, but tonight when I was listening it was so clear that the two of you love each other - it truly comes across - so Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

I love the part of the poem you read before The Days of Wine and Roses - a little piece of information I did not know!  And Janis always gives us little tid bits and I so enjoy them - keep it up Janis. The two of you are not only talented, but deliciously entertaining, warm, funny and just plain awesome!!! I like nothing better than to sit back at night and tune into your show - very relaxing and I feel like I am spending time with old firends and the music I love to hear played and sang!

You truly bring the warmth and joy of a piano bar to the living rooms of all your listeners - what a gift you give!



LOVE LOVE LOVE the new opeing song "Changed Man" - it so stands up to and vocalizes ALL that TEEN-TRAIN stands for! And Happy Birthday to your brother John!!!! 

May the train keep moving ...

Much Respect,


Dear Sean and Shawn,

I want to thank you guys for another great show this past Monday. I truly enjoyed your interview with Ephraim Salaam. I especially enjoyed hearing him talk of his high school experience & how his counsellor said he would never be a success in Football. His story proves that how important it is to believe in yourself & your talents.

Love you guys!

Dear Senator Brown,

I'm an avid listener and I want to say thanks for another great show this past Sunday. I am sorry to hear Senator about your mishap last week. I hope you will be back in good health in no time. On your show you had mentioned that both you & Kathleen had worked for President Carter’s campaign. What are the chances of having him on your show for an interview?  I would truly enjoy having the two of you interview President Carter & get his perspectives on the current climate in the congress.

As always, thanks again and I look forward to your future shows.

`Dear Wynn- I was finally able to listen to your live Sunday show today although I tuned in late as I was listening to last weeks show and not watching the clock. Your Planetary healing is exactly what I was told to contact George and John B Wells about doing every night as we tune into Coast to Coast, then you came on the show and I have been monitoring you ever since, seeing if this is really where I was being led.  I believe it is. It is a longer story than I can write now, the latest journey began 8-17-2013 when I came home from work, looked at my husband sitting on the deck and asked " Do you need to go to the hospital" Yes" was his reply. Renal cell carcinoma right kidney into inferior vena cava and into right atrium of the heart. 34 days later at 3:40 pm he passed away at home with his children and I, it was amazing, the energy the same as at the births of our children. What he has been teaching me since is wonderful. I will send on  a letter I wrote to the hospitals,Michael's Final Story along with the continuing story as soon as possible.

Thank you


I am employed by BBS Radio and I was working in the studio yesterday when Doug put your show on - and then I heard a piece of music I know intimately - yet had not heard or played on the piano in so long - the opening of the 32 Goldberg Variations by Bach.  I got up and ran over to the speaker it was coming from and listened in respected silence  - the beauty of those notes and the nuances between them interpreted by your guest, Beth, was captivating.  I am used to listening to Glenn Gould, the Canadian Pianist, interpret these notes, and I happen to resonate deeply with his style.  But your guest Beth stood up next to Gould and grabed my attention whole heartedly. It gave me pause - and spoke to me.  Please let her know how much I appreciated her playing all through your show. Even though The Goldberg Variations were published in 1741, they are timeless treasures still.

Lena, thank you for all you bring to your listening audience and the care in which you deliver it.  I studied the Dorothy Taubman method under a teacher for a year when I was younger and it made all the difference in my approach to the piano.

Sincerely from a lover of Bach,

Debrah Emerson

PR/Marketing for BBS Network, Inc.

Love your new addition of the "proverb" at the end of your show - and great commentary on the two poems - quite unusual and refreshing! Good show!

Re: your show on the Love for the Written Word -

I stumbled upon your program by mistake.  I got mixed up on the time for another show on another day - but what a treasure I found.

Your voice and presence was soothing and thoughtful and I was taken aback that someone would actually read a poem. Not only read a poem, but read it with intention of letting the listener get lost in the images invoked. When do you ever get the chance to hear the spoken word, in this case, a poem, read to you on the radio? I was spellbound and had to keep listening. There is nothing more enjoyable than a poem read outloud, giving me time to reflect, amid my hectic day, and let the spoken word touch my own heart.

Thank you for those two beautiful poems and that moment to listen - to listen profoundly.


I really enjoyed your show last week on home inspection.
It is so important to ensure that your home is properly inspected.
The home I purchased a few years ago had a garage that was converted to a
living room by the previous owner. I soon started have water leakage and a
severe mold problem in this converted space. When I called a mold inspector
out I had discovered that no stem wall was installed when this space was
converted. It cost me thousands of dollars to make the proper repairs. As
this was not flood related this was not covered by my home insurance. So it
is so important to ensure that your home is properly inspected.

Thanks for the great topic -

love the poem about "the shadow" - moving . . .

I have been listening to your show for sometime now. When I heard last night
that you were going to discuss poetry & more specifically poems from the book
"Ten Poems to Last a Lifetime" I was eager to hear your discussion.

I was a little disappointed when the show lasted a brief 20 minutes last
night and there was only a brief discussion concerning this topic.

I know you must have a very busy life but I hope in the future you will
return to this topic & discuss some of the other fine poems in this book.

I look forward to future topics you will be covering on your show.

Heard your rendition of Bill Evan's "Waltz for Debbie" on a past show- very nice!
I am neither a professional musician nor a jazz critic, but in my humble opinion
what made Bill Evans great was his ability to improvise without losing the
beauty of the melody.  He is the most romantic (I don't mean this in a
degrading sense) jazz pianist I have ever heard.

I was wondering if you could play "Beautiful Love" - in your best Bill Evans
tradition. Thank you for your wonderful show - truly enjoy it!

You guys are so different - I've never heard anything like it before on
radio.  Do you write your own skits? And if you do, how do you come up with
these ideas together?! Really terrific - almost like a Beckett play - kind of
modern day "existential" stuff. . . comedy and truth.  Are we all just still
waiting for Godot? You seem to break down the illusory patterns that appear
to give us security. Bravo!

Dear Mr. Rodriquez-Walling,

Thank you for your commentary on so many interesting subjects - this
particular show included. I don't read or hear much poetry anymore - I read a
lot in college - your show lit a longing in me to connect with poetry again -

Love your honesty and common sense! You're not afraid to explore the "human
condition" -  good and bad - sometimes I cringe as I see myself in your words
but it's still refreshing to hear as it makes me think! You're show is
very intertaining and empowering - thanks for the common sense Marty! And
encouraging me to get off the couch and move!!!

You left out Ballroom Dancing - its great exercise for
the mind and body!

Thanks for your unique outlook on life!

I have been listening to your show for some time now & I truly enjoy listening to you and your guests.

What I like most is how you use the positive aspects of sports rather than reflect on the negative. Case in point was your guest last night, Cornell Ward.

Here is an individual who is giving of his time & talents to help inner city children. It is having guests such as him that separates your sports shows from the others.

Keep up the good work & I look forward to many shows to come.


Thank you so much for playing "Waltz for Debbie by Bill Evans again for me .
. .you know how much Bill Evans means to me and you convey his "cluster
chordings" so well - he would be proud!  I am of you!  You will have to send
me that sheet music sometime.

Valentine's Day is coming up and I am gearing up for hearing songs like "The
Shadow of Your Smile", "The Days of Wine and Roses", "My Funny Valentine",
"Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most", "Beautiful Love" . . . and that
anniversary song you wrote!!!

You are such a 'gem' on the BBS Radio Network Steve  - we have never had a
show like yours!!! Thank you for coming into our lives and bringing your
wonderful music - hugs and kisses to you and Janice . . .

Love, Debrah

I want to thank you for your show on Tuesday evenings. I appreciate your thoughts and feelings that you share with us each week. A lot of what you say is basic common sense that comes from the heart. But many of us don't take the time during our busy lives to explore the ideas/feelings that you express on your show.

Once again thanks & I look forward to your next show!

Joe from warm & sunny CA.

I have been listening to your show for some time now & I must say that last night's interview with Jake Olson was inspiring.

Jake Olson is one of those rare individuals that had a devastating blow to his health and turned it into something positive not only for himself but also for others.

Thanks again for the engrossing interview and I look forward to your next show.

~ A listener in the Bay Area, CA

Love the new Sunday line up on BBS Radio and your show!  The two of you are very  charismatic and alive - and I love what you had to say about "lift or drift" and the "emotional compass" - looking forward to more insights and knowledge - thank you for giving.

Susan, Chicago

Good afternoon Senator. I have been an avid listener to your show ever since it began. I enjoy the views you share on the topics of the day. And although I might not agree at times I do find them insightful.

I also enjoy the rapport you have with Kathleen & the sense of humor the two of you share.

I thought your show yesterday concerning public education was insightful and informative. I hope you have more shows in the future concerning this topic.

Thanks again & I look forward to more shows from you & Kathleen.

Joe from San Jose, Ca.

I noticed that your time slot has changed to the evening. Since I work during the day it now makes it easier for me to listen to your show. There is one song I would like to request which is Moon River. Breakfast @ Tiffany's was my late wife's and I favorite film. She especially liked that song. It would be great if you would play it on your next show.

Thanks again for your show.

Joe from San Jose, Ca.

Congrats!!!  That was a really good show you and Rochelle put on last Tuesday!  And, that sketch in the Feelings Shop was priceless -- really well done.  In fact, is there a way you could make a clip of just the sketch -- and post it on your web site -- as an intro to the fun from your show???

My friend D told me about your life and your new show on BBS radio. What an incredible journey you've had! I listened to your show for the 1st time this past week. My deceased wife went thru abuse as a child & I wish a show like this was on when she was alive. She felt very much alone and did not know how to emotionally deal with it as an adult. Thank you very much for sharing your life experiences and for your show on BBS radio.


Hi Tony. I listened to your show for the 1st time this week & love it. I live in the sf Bay Area & will be selling my condo soon. My question is this: it is a 30 yr old cond that really needs to be upgraded. It would take about $10,000 to put it in pristine condition to sell but would only increase the sale value by $20,000 or so. Is it really worth doing.

Thanks again for your show. It's a great addition to BBS radio

Joe from the SF Bay Area

Thank you so much for remembering and playing John Denver - he is missed - and it was wonderful hearing this on your harp - I never thought I would like harp music, but you have changed my mind entirely! Love your show - its like having my own piano bar in my living room and I don't get out much anymore - thank you and your wife Janis for bringing me the kind of music I like - loved the whole show - bless you both.

Mary Alice - Florida

I just happened to be listening and I was surprised to find a real music show on this network - I loved your version of "My Way" and everything about your show - your show has alot of warmth.

Sincerely, Richard /San Francisco, Ca

I just discovered you and I'm looking forward to learning more.

~ Unknown

Thank you for finally giving one of your shows a "second part" - I listen to
you and so many times I heard you say you would have a guest back again, but
I've never heard them back on your show to carry on the conversation. Kudos
to you for bringing your guest back and continuing the topic of "Bias in the
Classroom" - it was terrific!  I hope you will do this more often in the
future.  I enjoy all the different subjects you cover.

Sara from Pittsburg, PA

"As the PR/Marketing Director of BBS Talk Radio Network in California, I met
Dwayne and encouraged him to bring into fruition his idea for a show called
"Teen Train" dedicated to guiding our youth of America in finding a direction
to personal empowerment, purpose, self respect, and a compassion for others
within the grace of what God's light opens for us all. His on-going radio
show on the BBS Radio Network has accomplished just that! Dwayne has become a
strong leader of influence and structure for the teenagers who are in
desperate need of vision, guidance and acceptance.  Dwayne, to me, is a
modern day "hero" of strength and personal accountability. Mr. Fred Rogers of
"Mister Rogers Neighborhood" on TV was also a "hero" of mine for many, many
years and still is . . . mainly because he told children that they were
valued "just the way they were" and mirrored to them a way of recognizing and
talking about their "feelings inside", making sense of them, accepting them,
and finding words and ways of expressing them appropriately and honestly
through play, music, art, dance, etc. Dwayne does something very similar for
teenagers - and that is why I have always affectionately referred to him as
the "Mister Rogers" of this time.  What Dwayne does for our youth is to help
them nurture the fact that they have importance and value. May the "Train"
always move on and give future and guidance to our youth . . .thank you
Dwayne for all that you do."

What a show today Dwayne!  I so enjoyed your guest and all the great
knowledge expressed, how you both work with the youth, and her words about
the Holy Spirit and the power of love - this was a show close to my heart -
thank you!  I'm also going to email your guest and let her know she is
touching so many people - you both are! May the "train" keeping going . . .

D from California

Here is a place you can leave me feedback

Good evening Jorge. I was glad to hear that you were returning to BBS radio.
I always enjoyed your shows in the past and tonight's show was exceptionally

Previously when you were on BBS radio I would sit down with dinner and listen
to your show. With you back on the air again it was like sharing dinner with
an old friend.

I selflessly enjoy your "one man" shows and that there are no callers to
disturb your train of thought.

I realize the time and energy it must take to prepare for your show so thank
you again for returning to BBS radio.

I look forward to many more shows to come.

Once again thank you

~ Joe M.

Oh Jorge, it was soooooooo good to hear your voice, intelligence, and perspective on the radio again . . . I can't tell you how much I missed you on the air.

What a focused topic tonight too - very concise, very passionate and very well thought out and delivered. I also liked your reading tonight - it roped your thoughts in so well.

Again, you are able to deliver your soliloquy shows with profound grace . . . and that is what I so enjoy about you and you alone - there is almost a great "theatre" in hearing you and radio is definitely your art.

Thank you for coming back to BBS Radio!!!!

With Warm Regards,
Debrah Emerson

Steve - Thank you for playing "Sheep May Safely Graze" by Bach (on your debut show) on Harp - I usually hear it only on piano, but the Harp was lovely - truly lovely!! Love your show!!!

~ Debrah

Wow!!! What an amazing interview! Thank you for the quality interviews/guests/topics you are bringing to your show. I am really enjoying listening and learning! Keep up the great work! All the best,

~ Julia

Best 3 hours ever listening to X-Squared Radio w. Dr. Brook Agnew. Glory's great radio!

~ Listener in Nanimo, BC, Canada

Can't save enough about BBS Radio and what a rich source of information and education we are privileged to enjoy! I especially enjoy Synchronized Universe and x2 Radio and Eva Herr and all their fascinating guest, though it doesn't end with these. I see the fast acceleration of knowledge that is to bring in the total healing of mankind. Thank you for including the websites and links to all guest so that we can preview ahead of time and then schedule to tune in for those which are of particular interest. When the military kept using the word "Matrix" over and over during the invasion of Iraqi I knew that was an "attention getter" and it is ever expanding. You may never know how many folks are benefiting from BBS Radio ... many shy people are feeding here and don't call in, but they are listening and they are being fed! Thanks from the depth of our hearts!

~ Betty H. in Harker Heights, Texas

Absolutely enjoyed being on the show and talking with you and Ken.

~ Robert T. in MI

Dear Brooks, Honest to G d, I do believe we are each effecting (changing) this universe. On purpose or not, here we come. I also believe in your work~ now that EJ Clark has stirred what was obviously already in you. Only you can do what you can do. I am listening intently. You are a force for good in the world. It is easy to see that you are a conduit for more that you can handle right now. Just be sure to keep your arms in the vehicle at all times. Safe passage is essential for this ride. We simply cannot do without you. I am not leaving. Just bitching (a little). Not my usual venue, but cripes! Aren't we ALL just voracious for it? An earth shattering YES resounds! You guys have identified and picked up the threads, but are we sure they aren't fuses? I vouch for this topic to be pure TNT from the deepest recesses of my everything. So, watch out....but proceed with caution. Yes. So, please continue. You have our attention. And we are talking amongst ourselves during intermissions. :) Be very well. And thank you for the speedy reply. Most especially thank you for the links!! Sincerely,

~ Marti (a diehard fan in Alabama)