Yours Mine and Ours with Gabrielle Cardona


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Talk Radio Show Program

Yours Mine and Ours

Yours Mine and Ours with Gabrielle Cardona
Show Host: 
Gabrielle Cardona

"Is relationship coaching right for me?"

Unlike conventional counseling, relationship coaching is about insightful education and listening more than talking.

Connection, communication, and accountability are the 3 elements to a successful relationship. All 3 are vital and perpetual. Relationships are about knowing yourself and understanding others so that what you share is healthy and beneficial--to you both.

Some questions to ask yourself:

Are you truly ready for healthy change?

Can you handle homework?

How honest are you with yourself?

How much support do you provide to others?

Are you qualified for a relationship?

Only YOU know the answers!

Do you know what the things people say mean? How do you interpret their actions? Try taking a look at their personality! There are 16 different personalities, and one statement from one person can mean something completely different when coming from someone else.

Learn about what's behind behavior. Information from "experts" can confuse people. It is inaccurate. If you attend an MBTI seminar, you'll walk away knowing AND understanding what people do, how they do it, and why they do it. You'll also understand yourself.​​

"Relationship Coaching"

What's the formula to success? How can you reach your goals? Want some practical advice on how to get what you want out of life, without making it painful or complicated?

The Relationship Coaching program provides information, tools, resources, and support to set you up for success in every area of your life. Define your goals, know where you are, and create the path in life that YOU want to take. Check it out and take the Workbook that comes with it home with you for free!

Weekly Show
BBS Station 1
3:00 pm PT
3:55 pm PT


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Talk Show Program Host

Gabrielle Cardona
Gabrielle Cardona
WA - US LinkedIn - Infinity Life Coaching
MBTI Practitioner, Relationship and Communication Coach

I am passionate about watching people succeed. People have always fascinated and entertained me.

Over the years I have studied psychology; understanding how people function in their life. I have studied sociology; how people interact with people in their life. I have studied theology; how people define things that happen in their life. And I have learned about individual personalities, dispositions, and preferences based on the profile of a person's specific type; I am MBTI certified.

When you understand yourself and the people around you, you then know what to say and do in order to be more successful. But just as importantly, you know what NOT to say and do, to avoid problems and conflicts that often exist in daily life. They never need to happen in the first place.

In business, understanding people is the difference between success and failure. In personal relationships, it's the difference between pleasure and frustration. Knowing exactly what to do for the people that you are with is a priceless life skill that everyone deserves to learn and everyone has the opportunity to master.

As a Coach, I specialize in personality profiling and communication coaching. Building healthy personal relationships in life is the foundation for fulfillment. Building healthy professional relationships is the basis for success.​

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