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Shadoe Gray
Shadoe Gray
Lake Elsinore
Multi-Business Entrepreneur~Business Consultant~Management and Leadership Authority~Speaker~Mentor

Entrepreneur, talented, successful business owner, single, pragmatic & real woman with integrity, character, soul & heart!

I help entrepreneurs, business owners, start-up companies & individuals solve all of their business management questions and issues! My niche is that having worked with nearly 100 industries over the course of my 40 year career as an entrepreneur and consultant, there aren't many management situations I have not dealt with, therefore there aren't many issues I can't tackle head on.

I'm a business management and operations specialist and the one to come to, especially when you don't know exactly what "expert" you may need! I provide strategic consulting, coaching, mentoring as well as branding and marketing services, and most of all, the straight answers to your immediate questions and issues so you can move forward in your business.


Strategy Consulting
Marketing and Branding Consulting
Public Speaking
Social Media/Digital Marketing/Facebook & Instagram Ad Placement
Website Development & Graphic Design


"Shadoe has made a big impact on the way I view & run the daily operation of my business. Anyone that has made the bold move from a corporate position to entrepreneurism realizes that one of the most challenging aspects occurs in the mind. She has been awesome in helping me reshape the thought patterns I held from years of being an employee. The guidance & insight received from Shadoe clearly demonstrates her long time experience as an entrepreneur. I can say, I would not have made some of the very needed changes without her coaching. .- Jesse Simms / Netvolutions Technology Group


Having worked with clients in more than 100 different industries & started almost 400 businesses for clients in my career, my passion is educating and mentoring business owners & entrepreneurs in their journey to create growth & wealth in their businesses. I surround myself with a great team of professionals who make things happen for my clients. I have been mentored by and work with some of the best in the business including Sharon Lechter. My focus is saving my clients time & money -being straight-forward, tenacious, and generous to get them the results they need and want.

On a personal note, I am an avid dog lover & believe that dogs are angels on earth, put here to balance our lives, reduce stress, & demonstrate unconditional love. Dogs show us how we should treat one another.


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