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Sandi Athey
Sandi Athey
Professional Intuitive Advisor, Radio and TV Personality, Author, Animal Rescue Activist, Animal Whisperer, Talk Show Host

No matter, where you are today, It is possible to transform your life.

Within minutes of interacting with Sandi Athey you realize there is something very special about her. Although tragedy is a part of her story, everyone listening to her is touched by an abundance of hope, inspiration, and healing throughout her sessions, radio shows, and television appearances.

No one would know by speaking with her that the trauma and beating that brought Sandi Athey to the brink of death ever happened. The attack also opened a psychic gift that had been dormant for most of her life. Through the years of healing: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, Sandi approached each day as a new opportunity to understand more about herself and the Universe in which we live. Over time Sandi came to realize how important it is to stay in the present, regardless of the past.

Sandi is an actress, radio personality, and intuitive psychic who is blessed with the ability to tune into the big picture of the Universe. Through determination and the power of love she danced with the Universe and healed her body, mind and spirit. Sandi uses her intuitive gifts with her clients, both human and animal, and teaches us how to embrace each day with gratitude, joy and love


THE INBOX with Sandi Athey
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Sandi Athey

Life not going as planned?

Learn what’s holding you back with Intuitive Sandi Athey!

Everybody has questions...about business, money, relationships, or life in general. Did you know the Universe has answers waiting for you?

Check the INBOX for your personal messages. Tune in or call in to experience Sandi skillfully and accurately retrieve and deliver helpful information to assist you on your road to success.

Join us for exciting guests, loads of laughter, intriguing conversation from a variety of dimensions and contests and give-aways!

A “True” Broadcast Professional!

For over a decade, Sandi has been riveting the airwaves with her charm, quick wit and spot on reads. She hosted the Psychic Healing Radio Show on WCBM in Baltimore for 7 years and has been featured on hundreds of shows in the United States and internationally.

An in-demand guest for radio and television, Sandi is the longest running regular guest on the Charlie, Ernie and Lisa Show on WVMT in Burlington, VT (16 years running) and has helped hundreds of people find their lost keys and lost dreams.

"Dear Sandi, I wanted to thank you for being you.  It’s hard to put into words how cathartic your program has been for me.  As I have heard other listeners say, the hour goes by too fast.  I have called a couple of times and have gained from the calls, but I also enjoy listening.  I especially look forward to your introductory comments sharing your thoughts with us.  It’s that combination of profoundness and simplicity which really moves me.  Let me finish by saying I feel privileged to be part of a radio community with heart. Warmest wishes,"

- Larry - Baltimore Listener of the - Psychic Healing Radio Show

"Working with Sandi provided me with a great deal of insight into my career, and other areas of my life. She was dead on and her accuracy was incredible. If you are unsure of your life's path or need some REAL insight, I recommend a reading with Sandi".

- Michael Leigh-Vocalist - The Reagan Years

"Sandi, I felt like I was talking to a long lost friend! I can't wait to have you back again - we have more ground to cover. The audience loved you!"

- Breaking Through w/Georgiann

"Appearing on Charlie, Ernie, and Lisa for over 8 years, Sandi Athey is a delightful morning wake-up for our listeners who adore her. They tune in to listen to her once a month for a full hour and are often mystified by her insightful and often spot-on reads. Her enchanting personality never fails to entertain. Sandi Athey is a wonderful presence guaranteed to bring a smile or laugh to anyone who has the pleasure to speak with or listen to her."

-Charlie, Ernie, & Lisa - Newstalk 620 WVMT

The Daily Dance: Your Guide to Life Happily Ever After by Sandi AtheyThe one constant we can all count on is change.

The choices you make while navigating through transition is crucial to your success. That’s where I come in. Through my connections and experience, I am able to obtain useful information to help guide you to choices that best serve you in moving forward to successfully reach your goals. By tuning into your specific frequency, I determine how your energy resonates with a particular choice. Or to easily determine what is holding you back in making your decision. When in alignment…Destiny follows!

  • Closing deals
  • Career Transition
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Business Decisions
  • Performance Coaching
  • Marketing Insights