Mary Poe

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Mary Poe
United States
Author and Student of Life

I have a Master's Degree in Holistic Health and a Bachelor Degree in Social Science.  I am certified in Reiki and as a massage practitioner.  My studies include color therapy, aromatherapy, music and sound therapy, numerology, and astrology.  I also speak light language.  I have been told I am with the Arcturians.  

I also have personal experience with hauntings and things of the supernatural nature.  I have been doing tarot readings for about 20 years. I have studied UFOs/Aliens, Walk-ins, hauntings, ghost phenomena, death experiences, law of attraction, manifesting, healing, diet and nutrition, and many of the healing modalites.  We are currently doing Don Daniels course:  Becoming a Cosmic Citizen. I am also currently studying regression through hypnosis. 

I plan is to continue my education in the areas of remote viewing, channeling, and delving deeper into psychic awareness.  

With such a vast array of topics that are both exciting and enlightening, my goal is to bring awareness to all of Gaia's children to aid in bringing about the shift necessary for the New Earth.