Jill Sullivan Grueter

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Jill Sullivan Grueter
Jill Sullivan Grueter
Animal Rescuer, Writer, 3rd Degree Karate, Golfer, Pilot, Talk Show Host, Team Leader

Sensitive and kind, Jill’s passion is to help animal rescues in need with eco-friendly renovations. By trade, she is a writer and began helping local animal rescues five years ago with her writing services after the death of her dad awakened her calling to help those in need. This is when she discovered how needed these renovations were. Working with a hammer and nail isn’t something she is accustomed to, but her team of carpenters has pledged to show her the ropes throughout the series. Don’t be fooled by her “all-American, girl-next-door” demeanor, Jill is a 3rd degree black belt in karate, plays a mean game of golf, and has taken to the skies as a pilot-in-training!