Jenn Belinsky

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Jenn Belinsky
Jenn Belinsky
Filmmaker, Radio Personality, Mental Health Advocate, Animal Rights Advocate

Jenn Belinsky is an Actor from the burbs of New Jersey- right outside of Philadelphia, PA where she began acting & writing. She moved to The Big Apple, where she lived for six years, honed her skills as an actor, with focus on comedy, voice over & drama. During her time in New York, she started working behind the scenes as a Production Assistant. Soon after, she took a chance on production design & art department! After learning of her love for behind the scenes, she began film making & screen writing classes to feed her new career as a Director & Producer which she has pursued for over two years. In addition to film work, Jenn booked a Co-Host position on a Brooklyn Based Hip Hop, Music radio channel in addition to writing for a Hip Hop magazine also based in Brooklyn, New York. 

After six long years of a bustling, loud city, Jenn took off for a month to check out Los Angeles for a five week acting intensive. During that time, she fell in love with a city she already knew she loved, went home to the East Coast for a month, packed up her life & came back West where she landed a gig on LA Talk Radio, Sam in the Morning Show!

Sam In The Morning

Sam In The Morning with Sam Hasson and Jenn Belinsky
Sam Hasson

Live from Los Angeles every weekday morning Sam bring you an entertaining and irreverent show that mixes a variety of the day's topics with funny and smart conversation. The show features a breadth of fascinating guests, bestselling authors and celebrities. Enjoy your morning at the office with spicy talk and smart humor. Call in live and chat with us.