Gina Citoli

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Gina Citoli
Gina Citoli
Radio Talk Show Host, Singer, Broadway Diva, Motivational Speaker, Alchemist

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Imagine performances on the evolution of consciousness by a Broadway Diva, a motivational/inspirational speaker, an alchemist and rock star all in one and you have Gina Citoli.

Gina Citoli is a singer, songwriter, playwright and performer. She raises awareness of ourselves and our world through her unique brand of enriching and empowering entertainment. All of her performances support the evolution of human consciousness and our unlimited possibilities. A remarkably outstanding way to bring people together. You and your group will experience how to transform your lives and thus the world in a very special manner. And have FUN doing it!

Available for private gatherings, groups, businesses, communities, conferences, festivals and organizations and travels world wide. Gina&#39;s premier performance A Cabaret of Consciousness also makes an exceptional fundraiser and a distinctive, house concert/theatrical event.</p>

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