Dr Susan Lindner

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Dr Susan Lindner
Dr Susan J Bily Lindner
Licensed, clinical psychologist, life coach, and wellness advocate

“The need for mental health awareness and advocacy cannot be disputed.”

Dr. Susan is a licensed, clinical psychologist, life coach, and wellness advocate who holds a doctorate degree in clinical psychology, an MBA in organizational leadership, and a master’s degree of social work. She has extensive training in Gestalt psychoanalysis and is a Level II practitioner of QHHT - QuantUm Healing Hypnosis Technique. 

Dr. Susan is the author of Reset Your Soul® (anticipated publication date: Fall 2021,) a guide for those vested in optimizing their mental health and wellness. Based upon over 20+ years of experience and over 5000 clinical cases, Reset Your Soul® is for those ready to FIND THEIR ANSWERS FROM “within,” internally.

Written within the framework of solution-focused, present-centered, and reality-based modalities, Reset Your Soul®, is an exceptional tool for anyone interested in better understanding what happens in - without having to go into - therapy.

Dr. Susan started her career working in various industries before returning back to school to become what she always wanted to be – a psychologist and mental health advocate. While paying for graduate school, she held positions in prominent law offices where she gained valuable skills in recognizing the pros and cons of "black and white thinking" (a skill that she say’s gives her an edge when mentoring others as they “change their thinking, change their life.”) Prior to establishing her own private practice, Dr. Susan served as Director of Counseling for the underserved. With a plethora of resources and experience, Dr. Susan is committed in "paying it forward," to support those vested in optimizing their own mental health and wellness.