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Doug Johnson
Consumer Advocate, Investigative Journalist, Talk Radio Show Host, Reseracher, Lecturer, Author

Know Your Options for Debt Relief

Credit counseling will set you up on a debt consolidation program which destroys your credit even though you pay your debt in full.

Debt Settlement or Debt Negotiation allows you to pay a reduced balance, but it exposes you to a potential lawsuit.

Bankruptcy is a legitimate option but it should be utilized strategically and as a last resort. For example, people call my office every day to tell me they could file for bankruptcy to prevent foreclosure of their property since they used their bankruptcy option to discharge a few thousand dollars in credit card debt. Bankruptcy also destroys credit for seven to 10 years.


Debt Discharge is a remedy for unsecured debt (listed below) that allows consumers to work with a coach who assists them in confronting creditors and collectors with the choice of either voluntarily zeroing out debt and removing negative entries from credit reports, or face a judge who will issue a court order for these actions. The judge may also order the creditor or collector to compensate consumers for violation of consumer’s rights as spelled out in the collection and credit reporting laws.

- Credit cards
- Bank loans (unsecured)
- Lines of Credit (unsecured)
- Bank-issued Student Loans
- Government-issued Student Loans
- Mortgages (foreclosed property)
- Automobile Loans (repossessed Automobiles)

This program is for consumers in the following situations:

- Current on payments
- Delinquent on payments
- Post lawsuit
- Post judgment
- Post garnishment
- Post levy (bank account)
- Post lien (property)


Debt Paydown is a remedy for ALL debts listed below. It allows consumers to implement strategies for lowering interest rates and reducing monthly payments which rapidly reduces debt. Consumer debt is paid off in 1 to 3 years and 30-year mortgages in another 4 to 5 years with current income; without harming credit scores and without budgeting or changing lifestyle. This is NOT to be confused with debt settlement/negotiation, debt consolidation, or credit counseling. It is also not to be confused with programs that require the purchase of software. It is strictly an educational process that uses a Linear Math, Critical Path Methodology to rapidly eliminate any debt. This company has an A+ BBB Rating and we have been recommending them for many years with no complaints or dissatisfaction.

- Credit cards
- Bank loans
- Personal Private Loans
- Lines of Credit
- Any Student Loan (Government or Private)
- Tax Liens
- Mortgages
- Automobile Loans
- Any and all other debts


An income tax expert, with more than 35 years of experience, is available to assist you in settling income tax delinquencies, whether the past due payments are with the Internal Revenue Service or State Taxing Agencies. This expert has testimonials from many clients who are pleased with the results of his assistance which includes the removal of tax liens and levies. Please click on this link to access information regarding this strategy.

Special Bulletin from Doug

During the past 13 years, we have evaluated 700 Debt Relief and Mortgage Relief companies and law firms. Please contact us for the results of our research prior to sending money to any company, firm or individual who claims they can assist you with credit scores, debt or mortgage loan.


Many people have called our office requesting our opinion of companies and law firms who conduct an administrative process which results in a release of lien and conveyance of property title at a County Recorder’s Office. It has been our experience that conveyances of property performed in this manner are often challenged by mortgage banks unless a judge has previously ruled the property title has been “Quieted”.

Additional information relative to potential “Quiet Title” strategies will soon be available via email, blogs and radio shows.