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Christine Kahane
Christine Kahane
Leadership and Organizational Development Expert, Agile Culture Design Innovator.

Christine builds on 20 years of experience working with organizations wanting to effect sustainable growth through building brands rooted in core values. 

Her work focuses on a company’s cultural health, guiding people to navigate the terrain of their most conscious presence through mindful awakening. ‘When we wake up to our present moment awareness, our innate genius has a way to fully embody and express.’

Her work in the U.S. and internationally has given her extensive experience in co-creating what companies need in order to thrive; uncovering the unique qualities that bring lasting relevance to business planning and brand development. 

She has experience in culture shift with internationally recognized brands including R.H. Macy & Co., Shearson Lehman Brothers, Microsoft, American Express, Barney’s New York, Federated Department Stores, TLR Eclectic, The Landmark Group, and Mercy Health Systems. 

She earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Arizona and a Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University. She holds post-graduate certifications in Awakened Leadership from Awake At Work Institute, The Center For Sacred Leadership, and Return To Center.

The only constant in successful business is how you engage in relationships through change. What are you doing inside your company to harness the energy of change?

...We're interested in what's working in your organization.

We facilitate solutions that allow you to tell the truth, and have you and your people drive the learning to your own best answers. Do you know why you should make a difference to anyone in your organization? Are you clear on why it matters that your company exists?

...Whatever looks impossible to you - we make the way forward doable while we engage you and your teams.

1. Meeting with resistance while leading change?
We'll show you how to be in fluid change and lead your teams without resistance.

2. Having trouble keeping teams engaged?
We give you the five steps to getting you and your teams innovating again, sustainably.

3. Not sure how to navigate in uncertain times?
We guide your teams to harness their 'why'. When empowered people are making decisions in service to their mission, they co-create results that work with less stress and effort, and no resistance to change. That means your company is doing what it says it's about.

...We discover how your company's success is culturally driven.
It's part culture, part science. A resilient company, one that is innovative and sustainable, has an innate intelligence that comes from its cultural awareness and emotional intelligence.

Unlearning: The Podcast

Unlearning: The Podcast with Christine Kahane
Show Host: 
Christine Kahane

Leadership in business through revolutionary ways of thinking!

Unlearning with the Resultants; for those who want to become more aware, telling your own truth with honesty, overcoming stifling hereditary beliefs, and guiding you to discover your own answers!