Bob Allen

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Bob Allen
Bob Allen
Environmental scientist, former university adjunct faculty member, Fortune 500 company consultant, political activist and talk show host

Bob Allen is master’s level environmental scientist, former adjunct faculty at a state university and a lifelong resident of the metropolitan Philly area. Besides fighting regulators on environmental issues for the past 30+ years at the various state and federal levels he has consulted for many Fortune 500 companies and various Superfund sites as well as been involved with the development of several innovative technologies currently in the patent pending stage.

A lifelong Democrat he saw the light after 8 years of Nobama and became a died in the wool conservative Republican and would welcome the opportunity to see Hilary sent prison. While not a complete fan of “The Donald” he too believes in building the wall, drug testing for welfare recipients and leaving the 2nd Amendment as written. 9/11 was an inside job and there is no such thing as a conspiracy that doesn't have some degree of merit whether the CIA started it or not. Don’t even get him started on Al Sharpton or it will never end.