Apostle Lucille Richardson

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Apostle Dr. Lucille Richardson B.A., M.A., DR. P.E.D.
Apostle Dr. Lucille Richardson B.A., M.A., DR. P.E.D.
Senior Pastor of the Yoke Breakers Crusade International, Inc., Doctor of Psychology, Humane Letters and Pedogogy, Master of Philosophy, Author, Motivational Speaker

Apostle Dr. Lucille Richardson is the Senior Pastor of the Yoke Breakers Crusade International, Inc,. She is a willing and exemplified instrument of healing and is being used by God to preach the unadulterated gospel in and out of season for the building of God's Kingdom.

Her vision is for women to maximize the purpose that God has chosen for them in the twenty-first century. Her ministry acknowledges that women have the capacity to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that God has purposed for them to do in the name of Jesus.

Apostle Dr. Lucille Richardson received her degree as Doctor of Psychology from Payne College, Augustus, Georgia. At Lahairoi Bible Institute, Augusta, Georgia she was formally educated and received the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, Master of Philosophy and Honorary Doctor of Pedagogy. She is the author of several books, such as, Project Management, Relationships, Pros and Cons.

She has traveled and received numerous citations from foreign nations for bringing spiritual enlightenment, and knowledge and practice of equality of life to nations such as Israel, Syria, Damascus, Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana South America, Russia and Kenya. She is a well-known Motivational Speaker and a radio and television personality for many years.

Apostle Dr Richardson and Bishop Dr Borland have become soul-mate sisters in the faith.

Apostle Dr. Richardson once said to Bishop Dr Borland, in all your years of pastoring, you have done what Paul had admonished those preachers to do. You have been faithful in your devotion to the Lord and your calling in ministry to the local church, in pastoring and caring for God's people.

The evidence of your faithfulness are seen in the lives of the people you touched and ministered to.

Apostle Dr. Richardson has been supportive in the ministry of GHHCC and continues in the struggle and blessings, of the church. She is one of Bishop Dr. Borland's mentors, sister, confidant and closest friend.