Upcoming, Happiness Hangout, October 7, 2015

Broadcast Date: 
October 7, 2015
  • Recent statistics show that 63% of American Facebook users log on to the site daily, while 40% of users log on multiple times a day.

Author, Business/Life/Social Media Coach and Twitter Expert Gary Loper and I will be having a lively conversation about social media and its impact on our lives. Is our use of social media taking us over and if so, how do we get back in balance? What are some different ways that social media can help or hurt us?  How to we use social media for good allowing us to help others as well as ourselves? Gary will also not only teach us tried and true ways to use Twitter for our personal and business lives, but show us how to do it to get the most pleasure out of using this amazing on-line tool. With 160,000+ followers on Twitter he has built a huge following based on adding value to people’s lives, sharing his knowledge, and beliefs and philosophies in his messages. He has incorporated into his platform ‘Just for Today’ messages, inspirational messages that have helped people renew their hope. Join us in this fun conversation about social media and maybe even pick up a few skills along the way.