Headlined, The War Report on Public Education, October 15, 2017

Social Justice
Broadcast Date: 
October 15, 2017

Please join Internet radio host Dr. James Avington Miller, Jr. as he examines the public school as a social justice school in the war on public education. Can the public school as a social justice school save public education, schools, teachers, students, and communities? Dr. Miller will show us just what social justice and educational justice is and why this is so critical at this point in the war. To have a conversation on this, one must know and understand what social justice means in education. What are the issues of social justice in education? How can a school become a social justice school? How can it promote social justice? What role should schools and teachers play?

Can schools become THE MODERN ENGINES OF SOCIAL JUSTICE? Please join us on Sunday and learn how we can transform our schools into places and agents of social justice and change.