Headlined, The War Report on Public Education, March 11, 2018

Au Revoir and goodbye to The War Report on Public Education
Broadcast Date: 
March 11, 2018

This is our LAST broadcast of 'THE WAR REPORT ON PUBLIC EDUCATION' titled: Call to War -Teachers Becoming Leaders  - We Need to Win the War! Again, Dr. Miller sends out a 'call to all teachers' to become the leaders we so desperately need to help serve a larger purpose. That purpose is to stop the neoliberal privatization war striving to control education, humanity and the planet. He will also conclude his appeal for the new urban research high school with its Positive Youth Development curriculum and pedagogy. And finally, Dr Miller, Jo Lieb, Debrah Emerson, Douglas Newsom (our faithful show/sound engineer), and even Joan Kramer will say our final 'Au revoir' (goodbye) to the radio show we have LOVED AND PRODUCED for the last four years.