Headlined, The War Report on Public Education, July 26, 2015

Broadcast Date: 
July 26, 2015

No Justice! No Votes! After 400 Miles, Jesse Turner Says-  "Its the INHUMMANITY - Stupid"

Please join The War Report on Public Education host Dr. James Avington Miller J. for this week's radio show with our honored guest Dr. Jesse Turner - the Walking Man. Dr. Turner completed a 400 mile walk from CT to DC this Friday. He has been on our show every week since his walk began. We are devoting the entire show to Dr. Turner and his history making walk for the children.

After 400 miles of meeting with the people, Jesse has answered the question: what is wrong with our country? The answer is - "It's the INHUMMANITY - Stupid!" and he will elaborate on Sunday's show.

1. Where is the humanity? He will highlight Jamaal Bowman’s Casa Middle School from the Bronx.
2. Where is the humanity? He will highlight Sergio’s story from Philly.
3. Where is the humanity? He will highlight Jake's Story from Philly.
4. Where is the humanity? He will highlight Ben's Story from Maryland.

From Jesse:
"Ring every bell, shout it from every street corner, tell it from every mountaintop - after 400 miles and 40 days, the students, parents and teachers report.

There is no humanity in the policies of No Chil Left Behind, Race To The Top, or the Every Child Achieves Act…in other word you will not find humanity in Washington DC, or in any of our nation’s Governor’s Mansions.

The Solution - there is no compromise in this struggle to save our children. The whole system is inhumane, and must be taken down.

No Justice - No Votes!"

Here is a news report about Jesse when he was in Maryland - http://www.clipsyndicate.com/video/play/587901/man_walks_hundreds_of_miles_calls_for_education_reform

Please read Jesse's blog describing his walk from start to finish. It is filled with moving stories of the real people he met and their stories.