Headlined, The War Report on Public Education, August 9, 2015

The War Report on Public Education radio show
Broadcast Date: 
August 9, 2015

Profiles in Courage: United Opt Out Striking at the Heart of the Privatization Beast Please join host Dr. James Avington Miller Jr. for this week's The War Report on Public Education radio show as we have a conversation about the courage it has taken to create, run, and drive the United Opt Out National group. With us this week will be the founders and champions of the group: Peggy Robertson. Ceresta Smith, Dr. Tim Slekar, and Rosemarie Jensen. We will find out about the people and the history of UOO and showcase how the group has led the resistance movement against the privatization of public education. UOO is the REAL DEAL. UOO was the only resistance movement to be talked about/debated in the Congress, Senate, and White House. The group is kick ass, effective, and pure in message and purpose. Listen in to find out why UOO is feared by the corporate-state power elite and their MACHIAVELLIAN AGENDA.