Headlined, Universal Soul Love, February 23, 2016

Author Jay Hall
Broadcast Date: 
February 23, 2016

Dr Lana and Det David Love talk to Author Jay Hall about his "Young Earth Theory".

How old is the earth and who cares? Rick Perry, Ben Carson & Marco Rubio all confronted the age of the earth controversy. My shockingly bold new book provides the answer – based on history and science! My book provides a significant motivation for the School Choice movement. Should we waste billions on funding research based on the dominant old earth perspective? I also deal with bullying in chapter seven. Do you remember 2012, the exciting Emmerich film? This was based on the Pole Shift concept which Einstein praised. Catastrophism implies a youthful planet. Did you see Japan Sinks (2006)? This was a scifi disaster movie, but is based on real science and involves extreme plate tectonics - this is consistent with Young Earth Science (YES).

Jay Hall M.S. (Math, 53 hrs. Science), Asst. Math Prof. - Howard College