Headlined, Threshold To Ascension Radio, March 14, 2019

Jade Rehder on Threshold to Ascensnion Radio
Broadcast Date: 
March 14, 2019

Ashli interviews Jade Rehder, Multi-Dimensional Coach and Healer. She created her very own modality KLEAR Channel Healing® Technique, and is a passionate advanced master practitioner of the ancient Hawaiian practice Huna La’au Kahea.  We chat about the current Pain Body Activations being experienced by the Human Collective Consciousness at the moment as well as how understanding your Human Overlay can help you move past looping programs and limitations.  

To enter to win an Ascension & Empath Symptom Relief Session with Jade, send an email to Ashli@goldengodddesses.org or send an Instagram Message to https://www.instagram.com/ashligoldengoddesses/

Include your name, email and one or two sentences about why you'd like a session with Jade by Wednesday March 20th 12midnight Pacific Time.  Winners will be announced on air Thursday March 21st.


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