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Paul Richardson Haven Earth
Broadcast Date: 
August 9, 2018

How does a successful architect go from travelling the world designing and project managing some of the finest 5 and 6 star hotels in the world to contributing to a meeting of Russian Government leaders on sustainable community living and building Eco-Friendly Heart Centered villages? 

In 2011, Paul was working overseas in Asia and Caucus region, delivering projects for some of the wealthiest families in the world. Which included the design, implementation and management of 5 and 6 star hotels, Resorts, and VVIP residences and Penthouses.

Although the money was there, and life was relatively easy, Paul became more and more disenchanted with the world of construction, and started to think that Architecture was not his path at all. He experimented with his other passion, music, in the hopes that he may be able to make a difference here, and share his message, but after 2 years of hard work, with several music groups, Paul realized that this was just a distraction, and at the end of 2015, hit a major juncture on his journey.

It was the beginning of 2016, on his 40th birthday when Paul decided it was time to make some drastic changes, and dedicated himself to daily practice of meditation, and self-reflection, to see if he could find peace at least with his present path, and do much needed healing work.  It was through the dedication to his inner journey that Paul's mission slowly began to unfold for him, while he built a bridge between his 3D life and his soul's calling.

Ashli had the honor of meeting Paul via phone in November 2017 while providing the counseling portion of his Remote TransPersonal Release Session.  At that time he had just found a large parcel of land in New Mexico, where he had visions of building a community, but not only a community, but a living school, that would be an educational and inspiring platform to educate and teach the tools of self-reliance, natural building, permaculture, etc, and facilitate a shift to sovereign community domains.  Ashli is honored to support Paul in sharing his heart-centered mission in his first media interview.

After his trip to New Mexico,  Paul founded the concept of Haven Earth, a company that he felt he needed to bring to life to be able to offer some platform to assist with the transition into a community centric model of living, a self-reliant life.

Paul's journey from corporate life to living his mission is inspiring and honest - as he shares his journey, his stumbles and the amazing way trusting in his guidance opened doors he had only previously dreamed of.

Tune in for an amazing conversation and help spread the word on social media! And if you are drawn, join Paul in September for a life changing, soul expanding hands-on natural building project in Bodrum, Turkey.

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