Headlined, Sri and Kira Live, March 6, 2016

Sri and Kira LIVE
Broadcast Date: 
March 6, 2016

YES! You can Manifest the Life of your Dreams: Enchantment Ignites your co-creator!

You know it is time to be living your dream life, yet find yourself asking why you are still not experiencing an enchanted life of oneness in every moment. Sometimes the surrender into the oneness while at the same time being present in your daily physical life can seem challenging...yet you know it is obtainable!

Life Enchantment occurs when the very skills needed to live your AWAKENED life are ignited within you! You lovingly recognize every emotion, relationship and situation from your spiritual awareness and integration! This week Sri and Kira share life enhancing tools and techniques to ignite your enchanted, soul-guided life. Imagine living fully awakened to your full potential as a powerful co-creator. Why not invite your inner enchantment to open and bloom. It is your time to ignite that divine spark and receive what is yours for the creating with abundance and flow! Our phone lines will be open for sharing or questions and the gift of Kira’s mini-soul readings!