Headlined, Sri and Kira Live, March 20, 2016

Sri and Kira LIVE
Broadcast Date: 
March 20, 2016

Stop Hiding & Start Living!  The Freedom of BE-ing!

Building upon the momentum of last week's powerful Authenticity experience, NOW is the moment to Stop Hiding any aspect of yourself and to FREE YOURSELF to BE!  The energy presenting on the planet WANTS YOU CONFUSED, and deep within - you know that is not the truth of your Being! This week Sri and Kira dive into this extraordinary moment and reveal what they call the "NAKED TRUTH FREEDOM EXPERIENCE". Imagine transforming your vulnerability into your greatest asset! Discover transparency and the FREEDOM IN KNOWING there is no need to hide …ever! Sri & Kira will share extraordinary insights on how to "come out" in the open and trust your AUTHENTIC BEING to know what is right for you! Let your heart guide you and appreciate YOUR AMAZING LIFE as you re-member the GRANDER person you are! Make the choice to ‘stop hiding and start living’ within the beauty of your DIVINE truth! Join us this week and remember that the phone lines are open for your sharing, comments or questions, and to receive the beautiful gift of Kira’s Mini-Soul readings!