Headlined, Sri and Kira Live, March 13, 2016

Sri and Kira LIVE
Broadcast Date: 
March 13, 2016

Authenticity, Ascension & Politics! A triple play of Exploding Energy!

Whether you are feeling the "Bern" or noticing the vast rise of Positive and Negative energy, this is the moment to PAY ATTENTION to the TRUTH of what is means to be Authentic!  We have arrived at a moment where the "word" Authentic has found its way into the mainstream, yet is this a good thing or yet another manipulation of Ascension Consciousness?

As this TRIPLE PLAY of EXPLODING ENERGY comes to the forefront assisted by the Twinning Earth, the Kali Yuga is having the last laugh!  Ascended Authenticity invites freedom through conscious recognition of our inner truth and our willingness to express that truth. Is that really happening OR are the polarities of the 5th and 3rd dimension offering us a perspective into the ease with which ALL ENERGIES can easily be manipulated?

Being authentic is finding what is REAL within ourselves and WITHOUT EXTERNAL influences inviting us to doubt this "reality"!  Join Sri & Kira for a truly provocative show as they offer possible controversial insights about Authenticity, paradigms, old beliefs, & the baggage we know as fears and doubts! Imagine discovering what is ‘authentically’ genuine and how to ACTIVATE your Ascended energy without giving into the explosion of manipulation! THE LINES ARE OPEN!  Call, share, ask questions or receive the energizing gift of a Mini-Soul reading from Kira!