Headlined, Spiritually Naked, June 24, 2017

S.N. interview with Lisa Miliaresis
Broadcast Date: 
June 24, 2017

Lisa Miliaresis speaks with us about her process of working with people through her gifts of mediumship. Lisa tells us about her book Being Light Driven and what she went through when she was young as she was trying to understand that she was communicating with people who have passed on. She talks to us about raising awareness around taking care of our whole being not just our physical bodies. Lisa talks to us about how our loved ones who have passed on are always available to us and to speak to them and be aware of the signs within and around us that they are sending us and tells us about some messages she has received.

Solomon simplifies for us the idea of speaking with an aspect of existence as a personality and how this being may yet still be experiencing a physical experience through reincarnation. They explain for us that as humans we find it difficult to understand existence outside the idea of linear experience. Solomon talks to us about using visualization in order to experience a feeling of experience without being within physical proximity to that desired thing.