Headlined, Spiritually Naked, July 22, 2017

S.N. with Janie Smith
Broadcast Date: 
July 22, 2017

We speak to Janie about the idea of Alchemy and how we can manifest our desires in the moment. Janie explains to us how she uses alchemy to create change for business owners and gives us some great examples of this. We also discuss business and how Janie uses distant healing to assist in creating a successful business for others. Janie talks to us about intuition and how she receives messages. We discuss the idea of meditation and tuning into our inner being in order to hear our subtle messages from our body and higher self. Janie talks to us about receiving money and our relationship to it.

Solomon talks to Janie about the effects of feminine cycles and how our energetic relationships to others and our inner transformation can affect them. Solomon defines for us the idea of soul mates and twin flames and why we feel a stronger connection with some people. Janie gets some guidance and direction to help her unlock her desires right now.