Headlined, Shadow Politics, March 4, 2018

Broadcast Date: 
March 4, 2018

Our guest CaDori believes "If you don't put yourself first, no one else will!" In her new inspirational book for women and girls "Women Put Yourselves First and Be Happier," she reminds everyone that when on an airplane, passengers are instructed to put their own oxygen mask on first before assisting others. She believes it is the same in real life. CaDori is a registered nurse by profession and the founder of CaDori Helping Hands, a non-profit charity to help people in need. She recognizes the growing power of women in business and has spoken to empower young girls and women at the "Chicks with Class" girls' camp, and was featured in Empower Magazine based in Houston, Texas. As an entrepreneur, CaDori developed her own "I Love Me" clothing line and is currently writing her second book, and a cookbook, to be released in 2018. CaDori presently hosts "Tuesday Talks with CaDori" on the AMFM247 Broadcasting Network.

Helping Hands Charity