Headlined, Shadow Politics, February 12, 2017

Takao Yamada
Broadcast Date: 
February 12, 2017

Our guest Takao Yamada, a Seattle-based attorney and entrepreneur, is a co-founder of AirportLawyer.org. Yamada, along with a group of volunteer attorneys and software developers, created a new app to help travelers impacted by the Trump Administration’s 'immigration ban'.  Airport Lawyer (www.airportlawyer.org) connects refugees, immigrants and other travelers who possess valid U.S. visas and green cards from the seven previously banned countries, with teams of volunteer attorneys on the ground.

Using Airport Lawyer, a community member can input information about herself, or a friend or family member traveling into the United States. That information is then shared securely with localized teams of volunteer lawyers, who can be available at the airport to monitor the arrival.