Headlined, Shadow Politics, August 25, 2019

A Scott Bolden
Broadcast Date: 
August 25, 2019

This week our guest is A. Scott Bolden -  Attorney, Political Commentator on CNN, FOX and MSNBC News and Democratic political power broker! Whether in the courtroom, boardroom or on television screens in living rooms across the country, A. Scott Bolden is a Democratic insider who combines his distinctive legal and political ability to expertly dismantle the myths and mistruths of racism, and conservative and democratic voices alike with a sharp-edged approach that is direct, passionate and centrist in an America that is deeply divided by the far-left and far-right. Attorney A. Scott Bolden presents his point of view with facts and passion. Scott has plenty to say about gun control, race relations, the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, as well national and local politics. Tune in to hear our discussion on these controversial subjects!!!