Headlined, Shadow Politics, April 2, 2017

Kathleen Gomez
Broadcast Date: 
April 2, 2017

Many of you remember my long time good friend and prior fiery co-host Kathleen Gomez! For those who don't know her - Kathleen and I started this radio show at BBS several years ago to advocate for DC Statehood! We are glad to have her back on and learn what she's up to!  Currently, she is CEO/Founder of a new project called 'Candidates Platform' which provides a virtual 24/7 political platform that is affordable and easy to use for all candidates and free to the voter.

One of the most daunting obstacles for candidates to overcome is getting their message communicated to the voters. Many people can easily access information about events thousands of miles away but have little if no information on who is running for state and local elected offices in their community. The 'Candidates Platform' gives a place for the common person who wants to get involved to connect their campaign with the voter. It offers a simple easy to use interface where a candidate can interact with their constituents, link all other social media, post videos and schedules and hear back from the voter. We would also provide technical support for any questions or problems the candidate may encounter. The link below takes you to the rough draft of this campaign and gives you an idea of what this platform is all about. She will be talking about why she started this and how it will work - very exciting news in this day and age! Join us!