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Twenty Five Years of Struggle: Celebrating our Victories and Lessons
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July 16, 2017
This Sunday July 16 on Radio Free Kanata
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Twenty Five Years of Struggle: Celebrating our Victories and Lessons
On July 15, 1992 Kevin Annett began his work among west coast native people in Port Alberni as a United Church minister. Soon he began discovering the genocidal crimes of that church and the Catholics and Anglicans. The lawsuits, exposures and common law revolution that he helped to unleash have changed the face of Canada and the world, and brought down a pope. 
Kevin reviews some of the hard-won lessons of this long campaign, including with excerpts from his six most recent books (see links below). He is joined by other guests. Also featured will be updates from the ITCCS in Europe regarding its Autumn campaigns to stop Satanic ritual killings and their Vatican backers, and disestablish the church of Rome.
See itccs.org and murderbydecree.com
And order Kevin's latest book "Fallen: The Story of the Vancouver Four" at https://www.createspace.com/7263374
Fallen: The Story of the Vancouver Four


Since I have recently discovered that you are a pastoral counselor, wouldn't it be something to do two hours or so of counseling sessions anonymously for these survivors? And also How might we submit a resume to become staff members for this work of rescuing or catering to the little children rescued? My cousin and I have talked about wanting to tell our stories together on your show, but to do so anonymously. We are both in need of finding new family to rise from the ashes.