Headlined, Radio Free Kanata, December 25, 2016

broken chain
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December 25, 2016
This Season on Radio Free Kanata:
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December 25: A Workshop in the Common Law: How to Reclaim our Lives and our Nations (With Kevin Annett and Ryan Gable)
January 1: The Turning Point: Looking Ahead to 2017.

In this broad survey of the coming year, we will examine our unfolding three-prong campaign of personal, political and spiritual Reclamation. How are we establishing a new sovereign common law jurisdiction alongside and apart from the present corporate tyranny? What preparation and training is required to finally break free of a murderous Corporatocracy? With your regular host Kevin Annett and featured guests.

Listen in, organize, and take back our world!
Here is last week's program "Maisie Shaw: A Remembrance - Overturning our Fallen Culture":
See murderbydecree.com and itccs.org
Radio Free Kanata will return again in the New Year on February 7, 2016