Headlined, Radio Free Kanata, December 11, 2016

Child Trafficking Today: How the Crime Continues
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December 11, 2016
This Sunday December 11 on Radio Free Kanata:
Child Trafficking Today: How the Crime Continues (Part Two in a series)
Attorney General Kathleen Kane (at podium) accuses three Catholic officials of concealing in-house child rape
The recent shutting down and jailing of Kathleen Kane, the Attorney General of Pennsylvania who exposed child abuse networks in the state government and Roman Catholic church, shows the power of institutionalized child torture. 
Like the 2014 arrest of Belgian Member of Parliament Laurent Louis for naming child traffickers in his government, the assault on Kathleen Kane is the latest desperate counterattack by clerics, politicians and judges who are part of a global criminal syndicate that preys on the innocent.
Today's show will discuss the rising movement to expose and stop this syndicate which includes the Catholic Ninth Circle. Drawing the lessons of Kathleen Kane's case with us will be our featured guest Alanna Hartzok, a Pennsylvania-based political activist.
With your regular hosts Kevin Annett and Ryan Gable.
Here is the link to last week's opening show on institutionalized child trafficking: