Headlined, Out of the Tangled Web, October 12, 2015

Michelle Meleo
Broadcast Date: 
October 12, 2015

Michelle Meleo talks about The Spiritual Guidance Network.

The Spiritual Guidance Network was created by Michelle Meleo and Sha Blackburn in order to create a spiritual community that brings together top notch spiritual experts and those who are looking to advance their spiritual path. They provide free expert advice, spiritual products, services and live workshops.
Their mission is to offer guidance, encouragement, peace and sustenance through our network and community of fellow seekers, mentors, guides and experts – all from the convenience of home.They do this, by providing a select group of teachers and leaders a platform to provide their expert advice, products, services and live classes. The Spiritual guidance network has been designed specifically to help you along your personal path to empowerment and spiritual growth!