Headlined, Insight Out...the Naked Truth, November 22, 2016

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November 22, 2016

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Have you heard a good one lately?  I'm talking about an idea that changed your life and moved it closer to the good, the beautiful and the true." Or something that caused you to laugh your blocks off.


On tonight's show we'll be on the quest for a "Good One"--as "That's a Good One" is the focus of our conversation.

​Hey, in light of our global and national predicaments, we need all the good ones (ideas) we can come up with.

Here's one for you: 

"If we really knew, we'd be laughing."
Or how about,
"Bad leaders are an expression of our unacknowledged shadow side." hmmmm....
As Henny Youngman said, "I got a million of 'em."
Oh, here's another good one…….
"Love is embracing your circumstances creatively."
Please join our conversation tonight.  We'll make sure it's full of insights, surprises, our "delightened characters," fun music, and of course.......a bunch of "good ones.:
Talk with you later,
Errol and Rochelle