Headlined, Insight Out...the Naked Truth, February 12, 2017

Broadcast Date: 
February 12, 2017
Sunday mornings edited re-broadcast 8 AM (PT)
In case you forget, "Remember" is the featured "phrase"/word for this week.
Let me ask you a question, Is it easier to forget or harder to remember?
​Remember the days before the Trump presidency...starting to look a lot better now, eh?
Remember when you were young and idealistic?  If not, here's the good news, in case you forgot. You can be old and still be idealistic.
"How?" you might ask.  
If you tune in to our show in the morning, you just may find out. But if you can't join us, and if you're looking for the pony in all the pony poop, remember, no matter what, you have the capacity to be creative in any circumstances you find yourself.
Oh, before I forget, remember to set your soul ahead at least one generation--that's the kind of perspective it will take in order to set ourselves aright.
Tomorrow morning's conversation will feature insights, humor, characters, music and surprise remembrances.
So, remember, for access to viable options to creating a healthy society, join us at 8 AM  (PT) Sunday  (Today)
Errol & Rochelle Strider