Headlined, Galactic Connection, December 8, 2015

James Hines Jerry Yusko
Broadcast Date: 
December 8, 2015

Learn About The Hyper Demons and Their Impact As We Shift Into Higher Frequencies!

Join Alexandra Meadors, Jerry Yusko, and James Hines round table discussion regarding the increased efforts of the dark forces and how they cunningly infuse themselves into our fields. Alexandra shares some of her personal experiences of the recent server take down and how this was imposed upon GalacticGonnection.com. They discuss how the higher energies are impacting all of us through more intense encounters and psychic attack and how we can help ourselves transition through this shift. As we increase in our vibration, we enter into a whole new arena of opposition and must sharpen our skills and awareness of what this implies for our well-being.

They also discuss the ramifications of the Syrian conflict, the "partnership" between Russia and China, and how the US military's world policing is finally going to trigger some radical changes with the United States.

Lastly, we pose a question to the audience regarding GalacticConnection.com's future endeavor of throwing their own conference. Let us know your ideas!