Headlined, ET First Contact Radio, December 19, 2015

Broadcast Date: 
December 19, 2015

This fascinating guest reveals:


Secrecy and disinformation surround the sighting of UFOs, 
leading to fearful speculation. Author, speaker and 
teacher Gerard Aartsenseparates fact from fiction and 
reveals a stunning picture of global contact – and how it 
relates to the planetary transition that humanity faces 
today. In his talks, books and articles he makes a 
compelling case for why the ET presence occurs now, 
while our civilization stands at a crossroads. Gerard will 
help your audience find answers to questions such as: 
 Where are the space visitors from and 
why are they here? 
 What is their message and how do we know? 
 When will they make themselves known? 
 What is the momentous event which they are here to 
Gerard tackles the prevalent misconceptions about the ET presence head-on, using 
corroborating eye-witness statements, documentary evidence, common sense and logic 
to establish  : the visitors from space have no hostile intent, but are  this reassuring fact
here to  . From our current  help humanity navigate this crucial time of transition
greed- and competition-based structures will emerge a sane social system that ensures 
the survival of the race and the safe progress of its civilization. 
Gerard’s unique research method and its compelling results will encourage your 
audience to embrace a broader view of life and inspire much needed hope in the face 
of the mounting crises of our time.