Headlined, Cosmic LOVE, November 14, 2015

Christopher Rudy
Broadcast Date: 
November 14, 2015

The Painful Birth of a Global Golden Age

The birthing process is typically extremely painful. That’s also true for global civilization now just as it was for the American Revolution.

This is the ‘Big Shift’ I’ve been writing about all year at Heartcom.org. A systemic global enlightenment process is surging with a new social conscience in our instant-everywhere and interactive social networks.

This systemic SHIFT is a different holistic way of looking at EVERYTHING with new eyes; a new way of identifying with “US” as a “Unity State” – “Universal Solidarity” of, by and for the “United Sovereigns” of Earth.

Sometime the ‘new birth’ comes out kicking and screaming. We’re seeing that now on the world stage. Those who explain how we could have a global golden age are often drowned out by terror tactics of highly organized greed (evil) that makes a killing on war, disease and destruction of Earth.

But that too shall pass. The genie is out of the bottle and it’s not going back in. Local has gone global with the Internet. Wisdom has decentralized with the worldwide web of knowledge power. A new Net reality of global Netizens is emerging.

The power of wisdom with love is surging with a more enlightened social conscience in our ubiquitous global social networks.

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