Headlined, BBS Conscious Wellness Show, September 30, 2019

Book: You are Psychic by Michael Priv
Broadcast Date: 
September 30, 2019

5:00 pm Interview: Fiona Simpson

I am an energy therapist, I work by balancing the chakras to bring about well being; anxiety being too much energy in the higher chakras, IBS can mean a solar plexus imbalance, heart chakra imbalance if you have been hurt, heartbroken.  Left out of balance creates physical symptoms. 

Qualified Bi-aura therapist and holistic life coach.

The chakras in our energy field can become under or over functioning depending on life experience, grief if left can become lung or heart issues, control dramas to IBS, this is all part of the dis-ease.  Life is all about balance of mind, body and spirit.  I love looking at the patterns clients have created and assisting them to healing the root cause, most illnesses stem from unresolved childhood emotions and a shift in vibration is all that is necessary to start the healing process. 

Mirror, Mirror Book Link: USA https://www.amazon.com/Mirror-yourself-those-magic-reflection-ebook/dp/B079VN8FFN
UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mirror-yourself-those-magic-reflection-ebook/dp/B079VN8FFN/ref=sr_1_7?qid=1568721807&refinements=p_27%3AFiona+Simpson&s=books&sr=1-7
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5:35 pm Interview: Michael Priv


- What his International Best-Seller notoriety about?
- Give us a brief rundown of my other books.
- What are my working on now?

My writing career started in 2008 with the publication of my first novel, Friends of Fred. My first Sci-Fi novel, The Fifth Battalion, an auto-biography, The Golden Fleece, as well as several of my short stories, marked by lighthearted view of life and a spark of spirituality, are available on Amazon.  I have also published a collection of my selected short stories, 

The Roto-Rooter. Recently I have released a psychic healing guidebook, You Are Psychic, The Healer’s Handbook, my attempt to train anyone into a psychic. I have completed the screenplay for The Fifth Battalion and working on the sequel, The Baltizor Conspiracy. 

Book: The Golden Fleece
Book: The fifth Batallion
Book: The Roto-Rooter
Book: Miror Miror by Fiona Simpson