Headlined, BBS Conscious Wellness Show, September 23, 2019

Book: Transformation by Johanna Derbolowsky
Broadcast Date: 
September 23, 2019

5:00 pm Interview: Richard London

Dr. Richard London is a Business Intelligence/ Manifestation/Intuitive Consultant, Through his journey, he has discovered many direct methods for uncovering strengths and weaknesses to help you create abundance and balance in Wealth, Wellness, Love, Harmony and More…. He uses his highly developed intuitive abilities to scan your body and help you discover, identify, modify life agreements, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual disharmony and balance.

We as professionals choose to hold on to parts of our thoughts, fears, blocks and emotions by not expressing them when experienced. When thoughts, fears, blocks and emotions are buried within our bodies they drain our vital energy, power, clarity and create physical, mental, emotional and monetary imbalance and disease.

Family life patterns are created when thoughts or emotions are left unexpressed and not fully acknowledged. They then become cellular memory which is passed on for generations through DNA polypeptide chains.

The body and heart are transmitters for internal programming. Our bodies talk to us to help us pay attention to inner messages that inform you that some part of your life is out of balance.

By focusing and using the principles of Dr. Richard London’s Life Wellness System, the human body moves through several stages of transformation and personal growth. Imagine removing all your personal and professional stuff. When the stuff is removed, all that left is the authentic professional with the capability of creating Wealth, Wellness, Harmony, Love, and More Now.

When we learn the secrets of heart-centered intelligence through the symbolism of our bodies and hear the words, feelings and wisdom they speak to us; we can then unlock all life doors to truly knowing ourselves. We are now on the Road to Yes, I know which leads to becoming and experiencing the only 21st.century life path, “WELLNESSAIRE”

Dr. Richard London, the father of wisdom; is the leading transformational educator in the world, some of his many educational sites are. http://www.divineunionlove.com


http://drrichardlondon.com/ and his new educational websites coming September are:  http://www.faithispowerlove.com


He is the author of Best Selling Books: Faith is Power, Powerup your Life, Laughing with God, How to Stop Sabotaging Your Life, are you a Narcissist or Just living with One, I’m in Love with My Cell Phone and More Great Books to come. All books can be purchased at amazon.com or his contact below.

Our press director is April Vargas she can be reached at faithispower9@gmail.com or paparichard18@gmail.com or call 603 865-7345


5:35 pm Interview: Johanna Derbolowsky

Johanna Derbolowsky, best-selling author of the book “The Transformation Promise”, has helped clients
worldwide with life’s major changes and transformations.

From identifying long past incidents that can be the source of current major depression or health issues
today… to dealing with career changes, or finding and sustaining fulfilling relationships, to the truly ultimate
transformation at the end-of-life.

Ms. Derbolowsky, the developer of the Quantum Heart Field Experience is a recognized metaphysical teacher,
spiritual counselor and energy worker and she has been on the forefront of healing and transformation.

 Johanna Derbolowsky